The haunted statue

Once I went into a forest with my friend Bella. We were going to have a picnic, but I saw this really weird statue.  But it was haunted… Ever since that day we have been haunted – the next day I fell in a hole that led to hell. Right next to me Bella said,  “We were the chosen ones.”  The statue said that we could be the Satan queens. We said, “You will torture us and we want to go to heaven. Heaven is nicer we want to go to heaven. Goodbye.”

And we both ruled heaven…

The spooky statue

One day… me and my bestie Zara were walking to the lake because it was a hot day and to get us out of the house.

We also wore our swimsuits so we could go in the water to refresh ourselves. We walked through the woods till we got to the lake. But we walked past… a statue that looked really haunted.  The statue was wearing a jacket, hat, boots, baggy pants and something that looked like a skirt.

We just carried on walking until we heard somebody say… “Hello!”

We both just froze and turned around in shock, but there was the… STATUE BEHIND US!!!!!!!!   We got so scared we ran all the way back home.  When we got home, it was standing there and went back into its rock and froze and blended in with the rock…


The statue that moved

One day I went for a walk with my best friend and we saw  a man walking down the street.  It was no normal man as he was all grey – his skin and clothes were grey.  It kind of looked like a moving statue. When we got back, we googled statues near me and we saw a picture  of the same one.  It said it was called the ‘war time hero statue’.  After researching it and finding out that it was made out of rock, I was curious.  We went back to see it, but it wasn’t there…


Always double check

Nearly a century ago there was an army of ships with one mission – to kill a beast that roamed the waters.

After many weeks travelling, they got to a cave full of fish bones. They knew something was off ! Then, all of a sudden, there was a ferocious roar so loud that the sound waves pushed two men over .

Then they fired their cannons.  The explosions made the cave shake and rocks fell and covered the entrance.

They heard a screech of pain that sounded like wounded animal.

The next month the men returned home and went back to their families. then all of a sudden every man from the mission was turned to thick stone.

the monster panted

One night there was a girl called Ella who had a sleepover with all her friends.  They did A lot of fun things, but all of her friends got hungry at night time so they decided to sneak out and go to the shops and get some food…

They were all so excited, but scared because they didn’t want to wake Ella’s parents up.

All her friends bought so much like crisps, sweets, drinks, ice cream and ice lollies.  They all paid and left the shop and started to walk back home until something asked, ‘Which way to the shops?’ as it panted… A monster came out of the dark! The girls started screaming and running all the way back home…