The cold pool and hot day by Jack

Once upon a time I was having a run.  When I got home, I was boiling.  The heat was unbearable, so I had to get my pool out and put ice and cold water in it.  It felt so much better, but then I got cold. 

I asked my dad to cook a barbeque, but he said no. Then, a bit later, he came and he shouted, ‘I’m gonna put the barbeque on who wants anything?’

I said, ‘ Yes, please!’ He cooked it up and it was the best.

The nuclear heat by Hugo

Today, somebody called Mr Burns was on the news. He had a humpy back and he was a very good nuclear person to shoot a nuke. He shot 5 nukes in one day and he was planning to shoot a radiation nuke, which is illegal to do in America.  He was planning to do it in a new year exactly on the day when it happens. When he was building the radiation nuke, there was a problem, the heat was unbearable, so he decided to do it earlier because he wanted to rule the world. Mr Burns now owns the world.

The double oops by James

Early in the morning, there was a magician and there was a whole family who was going to a magic show in Paris.  When they got there, it had started already! The dad was the final volunteer and he got stuck in a box.  The magician went in to open it for him but it was jammed so they got a truck and they went to Paris. But the heat was so unbearable, so soon the magician tried to teleport them out with his magic stick, but it didn’t work. So they got stuck in the box forever.  They’re so depressed!

The boy who got too hot by Alyssa

Once upon a time a little boy went outside to see his friends. It was summer. He opened his door and the heat was unbearable, so he ran inside as fast as he could to get to the aircon.  When he got to the aircon, he sat down with an ice lolly and a cold drink and then when he had cooled down, he went and sat in the pool in the back garden with his mum and dad.  Then he went to the beach and played in the sand and last he swam in the sea…

The heatwave in Hawaii by Malachi

Once upon a time there was an intense heat wave in Hawaii. The temperature went up to 56 degrees Celsius. The heat was unbearable, so most people went to a different country. With some people there is a very small chance that you can not feel pain.  Adults who had this condition had nobody to tell them how hot it was, because they could not understand what heat feels like. They were all really confused why everybody was leaving. So some of them left, but the ones who did not leave, well they were never seen again…