No sign of the mysterious child

Beyond the gloomy  lake as dark as the night sky was a rusty sign! Melvin then wanders by taking no notice of the sign and missing the DO NOT ENTER information on it.
After a short walk day-dreaming in his own little world, Melvin suddenly dropped into a open sewer drain, full of fat rats. SPLASH! After what felt like a long drop, he hit the icy stinking sewerage water at the bottom.
Before something even more scary happened, something squishy was under his foot.  It was a rat! Melvin really should have payed some attention to  the DO NOT ENTER sign…



Ignoring the Warnings

It was spring, there was a massive flower field by the park.  Me, John and Bella were stunned by the view.  We wanted to make flower angels and daisy chains but Bella was sceptical. “We shouldn’t go in there!” she whined. She pointed to a sign saying “Keep off” but we ignored anyways.

We stepped in, nothing happened. We flopped down, but it felt like pins. Underneath were small nettles, spiking our legs. Then, mosquitoes surrounded us, the pain was excruciating.  As we ran, birds swooped down trying to eat the insects but they missed. “Not so strong now!” Bella sniggered.