The surprising banana trip

Once there was a little boy called Timmy and he was having a banana for breakfast which was weird because today he was going on a trip with his parents to the zoo.  His parents’ names where Bob and Jacqueline. They had a lot of money and because of this, they were not  going to a petting zoo, it was a  GIANT ANIMAL ZOO! They were going in their  favourite car –  they got dressed in  their favourite clothes.  They finally got there when suddenly in front of them a gorilla jumped.  It was as black as coal, as heavy as an elephant and it damaged the floor then this happened…

The Outrageous Gorilla

In the forest there was a strong and heavy, black gorilla that looked like King Kong.  One day he got into a fight with the strongest gorilla but the strongest gorilla beat up the other gorilla.  One day later…The strong and heavy, black gorilla were training by punching trees. A few days later, he destroyed a tree and damaged it. So he had proven himself that he could beat the strongest gorilla.  When he fought the strongest gorilla he was victorious!