The Terracotta Warriors

One day I ended up in Sydney, Australia when I came across a million statue things.  Strangely, nobody was confused as they passed but me. This could mean this was natural.
Fortunately, this was more entertaining than the Opera House! The formation looked like they wanted revenge (considering their mixed colours). I could watch this all day!
But I have questions: What are they?; Why does Australia have this; What’s the inspiration? It was hilarious but confusing. Later, in a nearby hotel I saw them again. They were lighting up. “The Terracotta Warriors, those lanterns look hilarious,” said Josh. So that’s what they are…

At Sundown

On a deserted beach, that hasn’t been used in approximately 57 years and 28 days. Bolt and Nevel went on an adventurous trip, they did not know where they were at all. This was also quite mysterious because they took a bus and usually it tells you where you are going but this one didn’t. All of a sudden they stumbled across these brightly coloured of what seemed like manikins. These so-called manikins looked like they were from Night at the Museum because they looked like they would come to life whenever the sun went down and the moon came up! OH NO! It was sundown now.  From what Nevel and Bolt saw was that the manikins were moving right towards them!