Almost Extinct

At sundown, in the middle of Australia 2 boys (named Carlos and Bolt) were being driven around by Carlos’ dad in their brand new car. They were going around a tight bend in the road when they almost drove right into a beautiful tree when Carlos’s dad quickly put his foot on the brake. This tree was the only one in the world of it’s kind now and they almost made them extinct! Coincidentally, this tree looked even more pretty because it was lent to a side but this made it go to the middle of the full moon. The horizon at that time was lovely. Then after that, they saw red and blue flashing lights coming towards them in the distance. They quickly realized it was the police…

A Glow Appeared

It was an ordinary day, a glow appeared in the tall thin grass. It travelled elegantly and slowly and the mysterious glow faded as it went further and further away. The light spoke. And as there was no one around it spoke as loud as it could. Then it went into a tree, a fairly big and tall tree, and the light turned off and the voice grew louder. As it was winter there were no leaves left on the tree. Then the next night there was no light but the moon shone with mist! Is this good or bad…

A Black Hole

Once there was a boy called Charlie.  He decided to go for a walk because there was a red hot sun, so he  brought his mother. While his mum was getting shopping, he decided to pick her a rose.  There  was a sign saying keep off the roses like normal he didn’t listen and kicked the sign down and carried in picking them. When his mum got back and they nearly were back at their house, Charlie’s mum said where he got the rose Charlie soon realised that the rose was sucking up him and his mother because it was a BLACK HOLE…

Hazel and Willow

A long time ago, there was a young girl called Hazel. One day she went to the woods and found her best friend called Willow. They went through the woods, found a bow on the ground. She thought she heard someone screaming for help. Then later that day when they were playing tag, she saw someone in the trees. She shouted, ’Is that you Willow?’ Then Willow sneaked up on her and said, ’Boo!’ Then they both saw the person in the trees and Willow said, ‘Run!’ Hazel stopped her and said, ‘It doesn’t matter what you think, does it?’

The Flower of Life

One sunny evening, two children who were named Lucy (who was 10) and Chase (who was 11) were collecting pebbles. Suddenly they got extremely tired so they slept is a small rowing boat.  Which drifted away with the current… The next morning, they woke up with the sun beaming in their faces.  Lucy woke up startled. “CHASE CHASE CHASE WAKE UP!!!” Lucy screamed.
“What?” Chase said still waking up.
“We’re on an island in the middle of nowhere!”Lucy screamed angrily.  There in the sand, there was a sign that read”dig the flower out of the hole to unearth its powers”. So Lucy turned to Chase and said, “How are we meant to dig without any shovels?”
Chase replied, “I’ve got a idea!” so he turned around and started kicking the sand out of the way.  All of a sudden Lucy heard mum shout, “Lucy time for school!” And it turned out to be a horrible dream.