The surprise in the sunset tree

On a beautiful sunset day, in the distance Claire and Joey saw a beautiful tree. Joey ran to climb it. When he got to the top of the tree, he called Claire as she heard Joey's voice she ran closer and closer into the distance to the tree. Claire then carefully climbed up the tree. " Wow this tree is  a funny position!" she exclaimed. "What's this?" asked Joey. Joey pulled out a note. He read, Hi kids, We knew you would climb this tree to look at the sunset.
Me and your dad have booked us a holiday. They were in shock and excitement. 

The Night

 Once there was a dark night, it was as black as coal. The sound was as quiet as a mouse. The bushes and trees were all swiftly being blown by the breezy wind. Today the view is really good at the hotel. Everybody loves staying here because the people are so nice.  Everybody likes  the beach, water slides,  pools and  all sorts of entertainment. The place is filled with sunshine and there is over 150 hotel rooms! We are here for 2 weeks like most of the people here. It took us 2 hours to get here, it is great being here so better make the most of the next 2 weeks.