The mystical cold night

It was January 3rd and me and my friends went to the park. It was very cold so we put our jackets on and we went to the park. We were at the park when suddenly we heard somebody saying help the deafening screams echoed through the cold night. Kyle decided that we shouldn’t go just in case it could be a trap. I thought we shouldn’t go as well. May and Jude wanted to go so we did a challenge to see if we go there or not.  May and Jude won the challenge, so we went in and found a scroll dun dun dun…

Museum fun turned Bad

“Science Museum!” Freddy screamed.                                                                                The Marcus’s family were off to the Science Museum.                                                   Marcus was really looking forward to the scratch, smell, touch and explosions part of the Museum.         

When they arrived, Freddy ran as quick as a cheetah to watch the explosion shoot up.

Then they went to the feelings part, he scratched in one hole, in it was a gluggy liquid, then the smell was a horrid poo smell, in the noisy area was a  ringing bell.

A deafening scream echoed through the cold night, that rang in Freddy’s head  for days to come after visiting the museum.

Death at Midnight

Walking through dark, narrow tunnels at the dead of night. They came across a watery cave, did they go in? Read on to see. Going adventurously into the deep, watery cave they saw a thick red streak going right across the wall. Bolt thought it was paint to calm himself down, but the question is, was it paint, or was it blood? But, how was there thick paint in an endless cave? The two curious boys moved slowly into this flooding cave. They stopped mysteriously, this is because they heard footsteps that weren’t theirs! Whilst they were both freaking out, they heard somebody scream. The mystery person screamed again. This time, the deafening screams echoed through the cold night…