Alien chair?

A box full of old, rusty metal parts just lying on the bathroom floor. Bolt, unfortunately, tripped over it and cut his bear ankle on one part rudely sticking out of it’s oddly shaped box. Bolt didn’t really feel the pain that much but settled down on the wooden floorboards in his bathroom and opened the box curiously. As soon as he saw these parts, he had a great idea. He was going to make a robotic racoon! I know, I know, making a robot takes a long time and why racoons they are evil creatures? But the answer is. Bolt was into that stuff so he made it in about a day or so. He also used a single leaf to put on top of the robot racoon to make is more realistic. He put his working chair outside and when he went to get it it wasn’t there. He knew somebody wouldn’t have stolen it because you don’t know who has touched it during lockdown but then he looked up at the sky and saw it there just hovering above his head. “Alien chair!?” He said excitedly and ran inside to tell his parents…

The Raccoon in the sky

There was a knock on Bailey’s door.                                                                                       She walked to the door to see who or what was there.                                                  It was a box!                                                                                                                                     CREAK went her door behind her. She opened the box and in it was a note covered in leaves.                                                                                                                            The note said, sit on the chair  and look up at the sky. So that is what she did.

Bailey sat patiently  but nothing happend,  Then a Raccoon   started dancing in the sky.

“Woahhhh!”she cried.                                                                                                                   The Raccoon was doing amazing back flips, he then sat on a cloud.

“Cool!” she squealed.                                                                                                                She laughed and  laughed but the Raccoon  disappeared.