possessed arctic

“So, this happend about this week last year!” exclaimed Gerald. ” I was on my mission of tracking down polar bears and other animals to see what is killing them, I put a camera on this 1 polar bear very silently,” he carried on. (His stories would always make you shiver because of the suspense and and creepiness.) “I carried on with my mission until… I HAD TO JUMP OUT OF THE CAR!” The suspense got everybody thinking, what could possibly have happend? ” The polar bear with the camera suddenly looked possessed by something it’s eyes turned bloody red… the same happend with all the other animals with the cameras! Somehow all the other animals without the cameras were acting normal and their eyes weren’t bloody red!” The world now was shivering and thinking what had possibly happened…

The polar bear scare….

Today my father set off to work like every other day but I really didn’t want him to go. I had to think of a plan.

I saw a polar bear outfit in front of me so I put it on and ran in front of my dad’s car. He jumped out dramatically into the road. He was so scared he quickly got back in the car and drove home. I had to tell him that it was me! I went home and told him everything.

He wasn’t mad just a bit confused. I will never do that again.                      

Skeppy The Talking Elephant

One day there was an elephant called Skeppy and he could talk! He loved being able to talk, but tomorrow he had to give a speech to help with a virus that was going around. So he wrote down a bit of stuff he was going to say… and it was the next day then the elephant delivered his speech at the podium, “I think we should stay home and stay at least 2 meters away from each other, you can exercise like go on runs and, stay home… stay safe. thank you.” and he was very happy…

The man in the mask

I was being chased by what seemed to be a man in an elephant mask. My heart thumping like a band of drum players. I was slowly coming to a stop but I had to power on. Finally I got to the town centre, it was deserted. I looked behind me, he was nowhere to be seen. I ran on, heading towards a wall, I couldn’t stop, there was nowhere to turn.

I woke in a dark room and there before me was the man in the mask. I could feel my heart beating faster than ever, I thought it might burst. That’s when the elephant delivered his speech, his voice boomed as he told me he was going to kill me. Suddenly I woke up in my bedroom, this nightmare was over .   

The shy elephant

Deep in the jungle, there lived a herd of elephants but one of them was different her name was Ellie she was different because she was very reserved and kept to herself. She wasn’t as loud as the rest of the herd. The other animals thought that she was rather strange because she never spoke or stuck up for herself when they made fun of her. Ellie was upset and the reason that she didn’t stick up for herself was because she was worried she wouldn’t be able to get her words out. However, Ellie had one good friend called George that stuck by her no matter what – he understood her and her lack of confidence.  One day George had enough and summoned the herd then the elephant delivered his speech.