My Birthday party…

Today was my 11th birthday, when I woke a found a note that read “Where do you find food?” it must be a clue to my presents!

I knew I had to go to the kitchen where I found a pile of presents, I excitedly opened them all up, In the last present was another clue, it said “Go put your boots on.”

In my boot was a clue that said, “Wow I cant believe you are 11, now go outside!”

I opened the door and then i saw it, the biggest best birthday present ever! A horse!

I am so lucky.

The Killing Angel

It was 7.30am and time to get ready for an exciting day at school…we were going on a school trip!! I arrived at school to find nobody there, so I decided to wait. Suddenly, as if I was in a dream this mysterious angel walked up to me with what seemed to be a butterfly in its hand. Then for no reason I blacked out. I awoke to see nothing but a whole room stained with blood and flesh looking outlines. Just as I had finished looking at the walls I heard footsteps coming from a distant corridor, they were faint but they were there. And then I saw it…a heap of bodies, at once I knew this person was on a killing spree…I had to try and escape.