The baby zebra’s blanket

In a land far away,there lived a dazzle of zebras.One zebra stood out from the rest her name was Hazel.She was called Hazel because she had the biggest cutest hazel brown eyes.Hazel was only one year old.Yet she was one of the most popular.This was due to her bubbly fun personality.There was only one thing that would make Hazel upset.That one thing was if she lost her yellow blanket it had a picture of a cactus on one side a worn out picture of a umbrella on the other side that she carried everywhere, she was given it when she was born.The blanket was very tatty and smelly but Hazel wouldn’t let her mum put it in the wash.

The weird walk

Today felt like a really weird day, I had to go for a walk with my mum and it was raining , I put on my yellow coat, grabbed my umbrella and set off to the shops,

On the way we could smell something really stinky, I turned to the left and saw a giant tall spikey rotting cactus and then on my right a massive stripey zebra! The Zebra was eating the grass that was dead.The cactus kept growing and growing and it was so smelly.

Me and my mum looked at each in disbelief and quickly walked into the shop.