Billy and NASA

One day Billy was riding on his bike to deliver pumpkins to NASA for the annual pumpkin robot contest. But as he was about to give the pumpkins to NASA, a giant evil robot bagel made him crash into a giant bale of hay. After 3 hours in the hay bale Billy got out but then he saw the world had been taken over by bagels! He found out that the bagel leader was someone called Ol666. He was a giant triangle that could take control of anything and give them powers. Luckily, Billy made enchilada bombs that he used to save the word and stop Ol666.

the hay bale

I wake up in the morning and heard screaming from outside my house.  I look out my window and saw…some one stuck in a hay barrow! Kay woke up and brushed his teeth and had breakfast then he remembered that he had to go get some pumpkins out of the pumpkin patch.  So he put his helmet on and got on his bike and swoosh he’s off.  He got to the  pumpkin patch and got some pumpkins and went back home on the way he saw his grandma and waved to her causing the bike to flip over and…fall in to  the hay bale head first.

The man who crashed

I Woke up and got dressed went outside and a saw an old man in the hay. He was stuck so I helped the person out and said are you okay he said yes I am all right thank you for helping me out.   It looks like your bike is broken you might one to get a new one and don’t go too fast or you’ll crash again. But he did not get his fruit but he got his bike. So I said are you getting your fruit.     He said no I’m not you can have them Bye.


One day a man was cycling and was carrying pumpkins.  He was  crossing over the road but a car was coming and hit him and he landed in a hay bale and his pumpkins went everywhere.  I think  he was hurt because he screemed. I could not see his face and his bike looked broken so I bought him a new bike and I pulled him out of the hay bale.  He was happy.  He was so happy he gave me some pumpkins and I took them home and made pumpkin pie.  It was so nice I loved it!




The haylarious accident

I woke up to the sound of screaming. I looked outside and what I saw was hilarious – a man was in a hay bale um???????????? ok?????  I knew he needed help so I got my mum and dad to help the man.  He was stuck hard so we decided to cut the hay bale scary but worth a try.  We thoght when he got out we help get the hay off him.  After that we gave him a ham sandwich. Now I’m hungry I said.  So we had our dinner and after that I went to my bed and slept because I had aching hands, legs and a headache.