the safe

One day it was my birthday and  I was buzzing.  It was Monday and it was early.  I went on a walk with my dog when I saw a safe.  I didn’t  know if it was safe, but I walked up to it.  There was a hole  just ignore that this safe it is suspicious. Should I open it?  I was shaking but I had to know what was insight it.  I am strong.  I am brave.   I did it and there were jewels  and money.  I  ran home with  my dog and was happy.  I told my mum she said OMG.

the cave

I was going on a walk, when I came across a cave.  I heard noises coming from the cave. I had to see what was inside,  but what if it was dangerous… I went closer to get a better look.  I saw something shiny, so I went inside and picked it up.  It was dark and I used a torch to see.  I took it out of the cave  to get a better look.  I brushed all the dust off – it looked like a chest.  The key was at the back of the cave,  so I went back in to get it. I tried it and it opened the chest. Inside the chest there were gold and  gems – we were rich.


the package

It was late at night and I was in my bed snoring my head off. Then somebody knocked on my front door.  I woke up from my dream.  Then I ran and nearly fell down stairs.  When I got to the door, I shouted WHO’S  KNOCKING AT MY  DOOR THIS LATE AT NIGHT.  Then  I heard someone running away from my front door.  I said they must have heard me screaming my head off ;-;.  I went outside and saw a package that had the name to Ellie on it.  I was so tempted to open it, but I knew I shouldn’t, but I had to see what was inside…

The hole

Once upon a time I was walking on a path that went to a weird forest. Then I found a hole with a little bit of light shining through. It looked scary but I had to see what was inside… It was a creepy cave with lots of tunnels going left and right. The light was being made by a campfire with a bit of wood left. There were some skeleton skulls on the floor and some little candles on some stone shelves. I went into a tunnel and saw a HUGE rock with a lot of leaves covering it. There was a skeleton on the rock under the leaf blanket. So then I went back to the other room and went into the next tunnel… There was a lot of plants everywhere. There was water on the floor the room was a mess plants were growing everywhere. But there were lots of vines covering another tunnel and I couldn’t get through. I tried and tried and tried but I couldn’t get in. But then I saw a pair of scissors covered with plants so I picked them up and cut the vines and opened up a new tunnel. But it was just an empty room but then I noticed something there was a stone ladder and I knew why. In the plant room I noticed a little hatch just out of my reach so I used the ladder to get up. there was a chest full of lots of weird pennies each with a different picture on it. But in the room with a leaf blanket I saw a slot with a picture above it of a leaf so I put in the leaf pennie and I was teleported back to my house.

I am Doomed

One  day  I   heard  this   cool   sound   and  I   followed   it  and   then  I   fell   in   this  diamond   cave  and   I  just  had  to  find  that  gem   before   Blood    Worm  does   or  I  am   doomed   for  ever  and  then  he  will  be  my  dad.   So  I  started  to  walk  deeper  into  the  cave.  I   saw  spiders  then I  saw  blood  on  the  floor.   I  pressed  this  button  and    then  blades  came   stabbing  me.  So  I  ran   but  I  had  to  see   what    was   in  the  chest  and  then  I  did  and  Blood  Worm   was  gone forever  and  me  and  my  family  were safe  forever. I  hope…