The Castle

One day I woke up in a castle and I heard people  reload a cannon.  I was shaking.  I tried and tried to get to sleep again, but I  couldn’t get to sleep and i just screamed like hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhelp.  They didn’t hear I yield helllllllllllllllllppppppp.  I got out of this room and  I saw them and I went up to them and I said I come in peace.  They helped me get out and they told the guard, but he was in a fight.  He gave me a shield and then he got them and let me go.  

The new museum

In the morning we were going to the new museum.  There was a big cannon and it was cool. After we looked around the place, we went and have a lovely lunch we had fish and chips.   We went to look in lots of shops. I saw one of my friends  in the big long shop.   We went to the museum again and there were silky statues next to the cannons, but they were not there before.  It was weird and I shouted for some help. Someone said these were not here before.     😀😀




Lilly the Wonder

One  day  I  went  to  the  tower  and  I  saw  three  men  and  they  were  messing  with   my  dad’s   cannon.  When  I  went  to  go  and  tell  my  dad,  there  were   three  bad  man  and  then  my  dad  told   his  guards  to  go  and  take  them  away   forever.   It  was  just  the  washers  and  they  were  just  washing  the  cannon  – silly  me! Then  there  was  trouble  my  dad  was  so  mad  at  me  and  then  I  was  grounded   for  ever.

invasion of magic

Once a school was  going on a trip to a  castle,  but they didn’t know their lives would be changed forever.  When they  got there, they saw a giant shadow above them,  so they quickly went into the castle.  When someone looked  through the window, they saw something strange “THERE’S GIANT FIREBALLS HEADING TOWARDS THE CASTLE!!!!!” shouted a boy . Everybody was panicking, that a fire ball had hit the castle.  Then  a cat robot turned into a cannon and started firing ice balls . “HOW DID THAT CAT TURN INTO A CANNON?”  screamed a boy

“I came here to stop the magical animals from invading.”

Then a dragon came crashing  through the door “well at least  you used the door” said a girl  “don’t worry I’m not one of  the invaders ” said  the dragon   “well this is weird” said a boy.



The Escape

These men got arrested for stealing  everything out of this rich mansion so they were put in their prison room and they all had to share.  They were  starving to death and then they were really really thirsty, so they thought why don’t we find something,  so they did.   They cut the door open and then they tried so hard to not get caught and they found this room with a CANNON they didn’t know what to do with it.  They actually found this rope too, so the men threw down the window and climbed down it, but they thought of what to do with the cannon.  The window  was too small to fit threw the window so they exploded the window  and made it bigger.  They climbed down the rope and escaped.