the giant bee

One day I was walking to school, when a giant bee  crashed in front of  the entrance to school! WHY A GIANT BEE IN FRONT OF SCHOOL! I shouted. Then a person  came and started taking pictures of it.  Then they teleported it away.    A few miutes later,  a swarm of giant bees started attacking the school!  Then  out of nowhere, a giant beaver came and attacked the  bees  and stopped them from attacking the school.  Once all the bees had been defeated, the giant beaver went through a portal. ” Well that was weird” I said…

The Broken Bee Car

Once two tiny men were in their bee car –  they had been to the shops. They were on the way  back to their house, when suddenly  the car just broke down  and they crashed. They fell into a big garden where they saw humans. They were scared they  were going to get squashed.  They grabbed their bag and they took a picture and sent it to their parents to comeand  pick them up.  They left their bee car and the human helped the bee. On Monday October 5th they came back and saw their car.  They took it back to their house and showed their parents.

Get Off The Bee

One  day  I  went  out  to  my  garden  and  I  saw  2  men  trying  to  kill  a  bee,  so  I  said  get  off  it.  So  they  left  it  alone  and  then  they  left  it  alone  forever.

So I took  it  home  with  me,  but  it  was  getting  too  big,  so  one  day  we  had   to  let  it  go.   It  was  not  gone  forever,  because   when  I  went  to  see  some  bees,  it was  there  so I took  it  home  again.  I  am  not  leaving    him  again  and  decided to name it Stripe.




It was early in the morning and I was getting my breakfast then BAM a bee stung me. I yelled OUCH! I was chasing  it and a few minutes later it lead me to a MASSIVE bee.   I was thinking,is this creature real? There were men standing beside it taking  pictures and it was not alive.  When the bee stung me, it gave me healing powers that I did not know about.  Then I touched it and it was as fussy as a blanket.  It came back to life when I touched it.  I was confused when it started  to fly.  it was so was cool!

Dolls and bees

Once a little girl was playing with her dolls when a fuzzy bee landed on the living room in the dollhouse while the girl was eating.  The bee curled up and lay there helpless…. Then…. the dolls came alive and walked over to the bee, it looked cold, so the dolls covered the bee up in the small blanket lying on the mini couch and they became best friends. Every time the girl was with her parents, the bee and the dolls would hang out and have fun together, the girl had to leave so the bee said goodbye…