I woke up and it was a few days until Christmas and today we were going to find a Christmas tree.   We bought one, but it didn’t fit through  the door –  if only it was a bit smaller… We had to go back and get a smaller tree.  This one fit, so we decorated it and the house.  It was so fun.  I was havin the best time. I had some more borbles so I put them on, then went to bed.  The next day  it was snowing and I went outside and played in the snow until it was my bedtime.  The next day it was Christmas.

what is it?


One  morning  I  woke  up  and  it  was  my  birthday.  I  was  so  excited  about  it and  I  wondered   what  I  was  going  to  get.  When  I  went  down  stairs  and  I  saw  my  sister, she  was  wrapping  a  gift,  but  was  it  for  me? Then  I  asked  her, is  it  big  then  she  said  why  does  the  size  matter  no  reason   how   are  you  sis  then  she  said  good  thanks sis  but  then  I  lost  it  what  is  it  what  is  what  the  gift  for  me  it  is  not  for  you  sis  but  it  says  my  name  on  it  no  it  is  the  other  Lily  not  you.  I  didn’t  know  that  there was a  different  Lily…

If only it was a bit smaller

One day I was going to the shop with my mum, dad, brother and sisters. We were buying some new clothes.  We’re going to get some trousers and a nice top, but there were not any so we went to lots of  different shops.

Then, when we were going across the street, we saw someone and they were selling trousers and nice tops.  When we got there, he had lots of different pairs. My brother got a pair, all of my sisters got a pair and even my mum and dad bought them. I got my pair,  but if only it was a bit smaller.

if only it was a bit smaller

When I was at my BFF Bella’s house, we went up stairs and got a toy for the dog.  but it was a things but if only it was a bit smaller.  Then Bella’s mum took us to the shop and let us get any toy we wanted for us and the dog. The dog is called Frankie – how cute is that name! After that,  we got some stuff for me and Bella and her dog.  Then  we went on the prom to take him for a walk so he could get some exercise.

The Key

Once I was  walking through a forest, but then I found a strange key.  Then all of a sudden a secret passageway  opened so I went into it. IN the middle of the secret room there was a strange lock, so I tried  to use the key on it, but it was to big . If only it was a bit smaller. All of a sudden the key shrunk so it could fit in the lock! When the lock opened, there was the ultimate bagel staff that could summon bagel animals and turn anything into bagels. I summoned a bagel dragon and rode it home.