the boy and the elf

It was November 23 when the boy was ill in bed. My elf was doing some mess on the table. I said to the  elf can you not make a mess please. The elf said ok I was just making something. The mum said shh can you just be not loud because  the boy is sleeping.  He is really ill be quiet please.  The mum checked on the boy who was okay.  There was a knock on the door.  Jack elf your friends are here . ok mum said the boys . Hey friends, the boy and the elf replied.  Mum replied to the boys I am going bake cookies. Ok mum.

the elf

It was November 22  and we were setting up the tree. I found our elf in a box.  She was so cute with her little hat and dress.  When we had finished decorating the tree,  I put her on it and went to bed. I woke up to the sound of some guinea pig sounds, so I went down stairs and saw my elf putting toilet paper on the tree. One of the guinea pigs was sneezing: he looked like he felt really ill.   So I called mum to take him to the vets  in the morning


So me and my BFF went on a plane with my mum, dad, sis and bro. At check in, we met this girl named Megan and she said hi and we said hi back.  So then we went to find a row with 3 seats and we found one and then my brother felt ill – he felt really ill…. I heard him be sick. Then Bella said, ‘are you okay.’

I said, ‘yeah I am fine.’

She said, ‘are you sure?’

I said, ‘yes……….. I am fine.’

So I  wanted to play Tiktoks and Bella did too. Megan preferred to play Roblox, so me and Bella said bye.


Christmas day

Once upon a time it was Christmas Day and there were kids called Bella, Lilly, William, Oscar and me.  We had our breakfast and I gave the dog some breakfast too but he was ill.  Then we opened presents and got excited after that we did the stockings.  Then someone knocked on the door and I said who’s there and then Megan showed up and got us all presents too. Oscar got a science set, Lilly got a puppy and the rest got sweets and Megan got a Lamborghini so she took us all for a spin.😀😀

The plague

One day I woke up to a massive ACHOO😬.  It was my dad he suddenly fell ill. This was scary because he might have the plague.  There was no cure so he could die suddenly.  A massive lump appeared on his head oh no it can’t be THE PLAGUE😣.  My dad was in grave danger.  The next day he was almost dead he could hardly talk and he couldn’t eat.  Me and my mum cried but one miraculous day he was cured and we couldn’t believe it.  All these years there was no cure, but now there was!😃