the time stop

hi I’m Luna I live in the world of Frosties yes you may think they’re sweets but in my world, they’re the fairy’s frost ones.  I was learning my fairy magic and suddenly… Everyone stopped except Luna, she wondered what had happened. Then she remembered the spell.  I was practising my time stop and she must have done the spell practising the words!!!  She searched everywhere for a person that wasn’t  time stopped, but she could not find anyone.  Suddenly she heard some breathing in one of the tiny small houses and she saw a kid sitting in the corner crying to be continued…


The giant bee part 3

I was walking through the enchilada dimension  to try figure out the giant bees plans. But then a sign that said ” Definitely not a base of evil giant bees trying to take over the dimension and planning to use the hot sauce from this dimension”

” Well that’s kind of obvious,” I said.  So I went inside and saw a giant time freezing laser blaster . Then out of nowhere, a giant bee came out of nowhere and everything stopped.  A few minutes later the laser deactivated and I said, ” Huh they’re not using hot sauce.” so I went back to the mythical animal realm.

The Princess

One day the princess came to our town and  she decided to live here in our happy peace full town.  She loved it and we were all best friends with her, but one day when she grew up, she was horrible.  It was not a happy town any more.  We had to deal with what ever she told us to do . She was evil. Then one day we decided  to stop everything, so we did and left.  We told her she should do her own chores and clean he own house.  She got fed up of being alone.

The witch

One dark stormy night there was a witch she had nothing else to do but she wanted to make a potion so she got her book with spells and potions in it. The potions were on page 56 and  she saw  raw fish , eyes and a piece of string to top of it.  The witch put it in a potion bottle.  The colour of the potion was green.  She got her flying stick to get ready to feed it to somebody so she went flying out the door and… she saw somebody!!!!

the witch: hey little boy wanna drink this?

the boy: okay what is it?

the witch: um melon its  really nice I’ve tried it

the boy: sound yum I’ll try it pass it here

the witch: ( HEHEHE ) okay you’ll love it

* the boy drinks it and gets poisoned *

the witch: ( laughs ) HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHE


I was going to wake up and get ready school but everything stopped and my mum said it is lockdown, so we did work from home.  My mum was struggling because she had to help my sister and my brother. We started to take turns and it was a lot of fun. When my sister works, I get to play TTRS. I play with my little sister so my mum does not get angry.