marmite war

Once in a far far land there was a cursed marmite sandwich. It was cursed and …there was war and one guy said, ‘I like marmite.’  So he got shot with a marmite cannon.  Then sandwich came and haunted everyone…

Soldier 2: OH noooooo 

Soldier 5: AAAAAAAH i hate marmite

Master: scaredy cats  NOW GET PREPARED Master marmite is coming

Soldier 5:uh so what??


Soldier 20: right now sir??

Master: of course

Soldier 20: ok sir I’ll get the marmite 


MARMITE master: thanks

Master: no problem just call for marmite to make the world a better place

Marmite lover

Once I was going to meet my neighbour in the garden.  When my friend came over, I was so mad that I literally screamed AAHHH.

He was a secret lightning ninja who never gave up on Marmite. If I said all right, no more Marmite, he would reply, No I like marmite. My neighbour Nya was also mad and she was a water ninja.  I was a daughter of a demon called Rebirth Raven because I could do dark magic. When Davis transformed into his ninja self, we were trapped into a battle of the ninja.  Nya and I were on a team, but then we gave Davis marmite.  He left the battle and that was it. For Now…

The boy and the huge crazy box of marmite

One day there was a boy called Will and he was not a healthy  boy.  He has a huge amount of sweets in his house.  One night, his mum brought a crazy huge  box of marmite  bottles. Then, he shouted in his mum face “why you bring the marmite”? She said “I am a healthy woman”. Take all your sweets and go to your room now!  “Fine I will go to my room” Will shouted. While he was leaving the room, he muttered  if I will be a healthy boy in the future  I will not eat the marmite . Suddenly, his dad  came back home. So if he knows about my behavior he will not give me my pocket money.    Will said to him self, Okay I will eat this thing then he went to his mum and he told her “I want a spoon of marmite to try.” Mum said, “I will bring the spoon.” He shouted, “oh my goodness! I like it. I want more.” Mum felt happy  now because Will was as healthy as her.





It was nearly dark and I was in bed.    The next day, I woke up there was no breakfast and there was nothing but marmite. I FAINTED.  When I suddenly woke up, I was at the hospital.  My mum came and said, ‘If you see marmite one more time, you’ll will never be able to MOVE!!!’  I cried.  Later that day, I got home and played on my video game with all my friends. We had so much fun.  My mum called me saying take this pill so if you think of you know what, you won’t faint. I took it  and went back up the stairs to play with my friends.

The Marmite Gift

One day I went shopping with my mum because it was nearly my sister’s  birthday.  We wanted to make  her a cake so we went shopping.  I asked my mum if we could grab some marmite as I knew my sister marmite, but she said no.  ‘But she likes marmite,’ I said. ‘Not to put in the cake, just as a gift.’ She would die for marmite even though I hate it. She said yes and we finished shopping and went home to bake the cake and wrap her gifts.  On the day of her birthday she wore a pretty dress. When she opened the marmite, she screamed with joy. I had never known any one who loved marmite as much as her.