There once was a girl called Sky – she was an adventurer.  She came across a wolf 🐺 but it bit her.  She didn’t feel well, so she went home but on that night there was a full moon… She went outside and she felt different.  When she looked at herself, she had razor sharp claws, teeth as sharp as blades and piercing eyes as a WOLF!!! She was confused!  Suddenly, she remembered the wolf bit her yesterday.  Then she saw someone she hated to death, but she stepped on shard of glass and let out a pitiful howl…

What was that?

It was a very windy day on Christmas Eve and I went looking for a tree. Then I saw something moving in a bush.  When I got there, there was nothing! So I looked again and then I saw it – it was a wolf. I screamed and he ran away so I chased him. Then he disappeared again and I heard something as he let out a pitiful howl. So I ran as fast as I could.  When I saw him again, he had a cut on his paw so I took him back to my house.  Me and my family helped him and then we set him free.

Then I said, “This is the best Christmas Ever.”

Denlan the scared wolf

One night there was a wolf called Denlan. He went adventuring in a forest but then he got lost. So he kept walking and walking and walking. Denlan, the wolf, started to get sleepy. In the night someone came and moved the wolf onto a beach. Denlan felt weak. There was a rock hill behind him. The wolf climbed the rock hill. He got to the top and he fell down 10 metres as it let out a pitful howl. He cut his whole leg and paw. He fell on the ground and passed out. The next thing he knew, he woke up on an island…


One night in the forest there was a pack of wolves who were chasing bison because they were starving.  Suddenly there was a noise.     It was as if it let out a pitiful howl.    On the news there was a hurt wolf  again.   The people were helping the baby wolf and they started to search for its family. The next day his family was found.  EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WAS PARTYING. But I was not partying, I was on the 100 Word Challenge.   I was writing this good report, so every one could see it will be on the news in every part of the world.

Plague, the wolf

Once there was a science lab deep in the woods near the city, recently the scientists chased down a wolf pack. The pack escaped… Except… Plague, one of the younger wolves of the pack, who was shot by a sleep dart and taken to the lab. It was experimented on for weeks, and weeks, until it became a mutation…  It woke up in a test tube, it tried to get out but couldn’t and couldn’t take it anymore so the wolf head butted the tube as hard as possible. As they let out a pitiful howl, some scientists rushed over to get him back into a tube but it was too late, he had escaped to the city…