the story of the house

There was a little girl who was riding down the street when she came across a house. It looked very old and it was number 29.   She was scared so  she left but then she came back and  her mum said there was a bomb that hit the house and it was not safe and she should not go near,  but she did! She knew that she shouldn’t, but she did. She felt the stones under her crumbling.  She was scared and knocked on the door and it opened wide.  She was very scared and went in and then she heard a noise…

The 29th house

I lived at the 20th house of Avenue street when all the sudden a new house – the 29th House of  Avenue street – was built.  When I went over to check it, I saw that it was missing a couple of fences so that was my opportunity to sneak in and have a look around and to see what’s happening.  It was very weird! I was walking around the house when I saw a cupboard that was closed.  It was making a lot of noise inside, so I opened it and it was just the cat that was trapped.  It scared me so much!

The old place by

One night me and my friend had a sleepover but the sleepover was very very boring. So then we went on our phones and searched  for something weird… My friend said look at this house number 29 I  said what????? then my friend said let’s go there  I said in my head um why why why! but then thought it would make our sleepover more fun, so I said yes then she said yay!! lets go!

*we arrived at the house*

friend: oh um I think it might of been bombed!

me: oh…

friend: uh let’s see it!!

me: okay 😬

*we tried to get over the gate but it was too sharp*

friend: okay no no no we are going back!

me: okay🙂

house number 29

One day I was walking back home from school and I came across a house that had a gate… But only half of it was there! I looked at the number and it was number 29.  I remembered my grandma told me if you see a house and  the house number was 29, run. My grandma was an old one so she could just be telling tales so I went in… I kept walking then a saw a hand print that was made of blood😨😰.  I ran to the door, but it was locked! I was in fear then I remembered I had a pin in my hair so I  picked the locked door, left the house,  then I saw a ghost figure…😰

scary house

I was walking one day  when I saw a house called number 29.  My mum always warned me about a house called number 29.  She said always run. But I went to check  it out…  So I entered  and I saw a shadow and I said is that a ghost?  I better get out of here! My mum was right.  When I finally got home,  I was really scared. Phew  that was a long day!  I still think a ghost followed me home. Maybe I am stressed. I think I need a rest, but I can’t as I am too scared.