It was a lovely morning when suddenly it turned dark really fast and my mum got worried. It was horrible. I was frightened so I just went to bed but it was still dark.  I went downstairs to see my mum and turned on all the lights. I could see, and then I asked my mum if this was normal. She replied no and I was terrified. I went out and I didn’t see any people, so I went to a bakery so I could get some bread and cookies because I never do anything without cookies. My mum called me and said that it was just a power cut, but that it wasn’t in our house and that was weird and also a bit cool…

The darkness reopens

I was walking down the street thinking about what I saw on the internet yesterday. When Suddenly I tripped over a rock.  I got up and saw it… It was a haunted Hospital. Half of me wanted to explore it, half of me didn’t. I went for the explore half – besides I hadn’t had a good scare in ages!  So I knocked on the door which creaked open.  The room was lit up so I stepped in.  Suddenly darkness enveloped the room. Then a voice said, “How dare you enter my house.  You will pay!”  Then the floor started to rumble, then it broke. Screaming in fear, I fell down the endless hole and landed on my back in front of the house…

The woman with the freaky eyes

There once was a woman who came up to my house and said that she was lost.  She had her phone in her pocket… I told her to come in, but I was suspicious. I said, “How come you have you’re phone?” She glared at my eyes and her eyes went black and it looked like she had passed out. She woke up with red eyes so I called the police. They thought I was crazy. But then, she did the evil laugh. I screamed so loud my whole neighbourhood could hear me.  Then she said, “You weakling!”  Eventually the police arrived and the woman disappeared. 

The dark room

One day I was just sat on my sofa watching TV when all the sudden the lights in my living room went out. I was freaking out so I just ran outside!  It was pretty scary, so I went back in and the lights were back on so I carried on watching my programme.  Then once again the lights went out so I ran outside again.   Whatever was happening, it creeped me out so I went back in and upstairs.  The lights were on. When I went back downstairs and the lights were off, it was really scary and I figured out in a few minutes that someone was  controlling my house. I was terrified.😦


The escape room

It was my 18th  birthday and I went to an escape room with my friends. All off a sudden, darkness enveloped the room. We couldn’t see anything so we started to feel for clues. Eventually, we managed to turn the lights on. There were bloody hand prints on the walls.  We were all really scared. When we started to look around, we found a flash light in a vase so we turned the lights off and used the flash light to see if there was a message on the wall that had something to do with the hand prints. We stood shaking of fear…