She fell in…

One day there was a girl called Emma she loved to go on walks to the sea but where there was a cliff.  One beautiful sunny shiny day Emma got dressed , did her teeth , did her hair , had her breakfast and packed a picnic.  Then she put on her summery hat and she set off to the beach.  When she arrived, she sat down on the cliff where there was grass. Emma decided to start eating her picnic because she was getting hungry.  When she finished her sandwich and her biscuits, she wanted to get closer to see the sea.  Emma went closer by standing up by the edge of the cliff but then… she fell onto the edge of the cliff!  She was so so so scared she tried her whole body weight to pull herself up and then Emma shouted in pain, ” I’M TRYING TO HOLD ON!!” but she fell into the deep deep… water.

road rage

One week ago… there was a old man who always had road rage.  I saw him go in his car so I got in mine sitting on my furry seat to follow him and see what he would do.

I turned on my music to keep me calm just in case… As I was driving, I saw there was a vehicle in front of him driving slowly and I could see the old man was getting angry as he was beeping his horn constantly. But as we were climbing up a hill, he was getting furious – I could see the lights on the person’s car flashing on the back of the grey shiny car.


One ordinary night, at 3 am,  I called my sister, I got a lantern and spun my green fidget spinner. 5 seconds later, we were teleported to the garden and saw ghosts, skeletons rising from the dead, mummies and zombies! We screamed and a vehicle almost ran us over.  Music started to play – it was quiet but smooth. It  slowly started to get a little quicker, but just then a furry beast 👹 climbed over the fence and started to chase us.  At that point, I woke up in my room drenched with sweat and realised that it was only a dream…

The weird day

One day we drove to a mountain. We climbed slowly to the top. Some random music played when we got there.  There was this strange furry animal there – it was so annoying. We ran off because it was that annoying. The next day, later in the morning we bought a lottery ticket. Then we checked if we won. We could win 90 Billion pounds. And guess what – WE WON! We bought a mansion, a Mcdonald’s building and a limo and we still had 89 Billion. It was the best day of my life literally. THIS IS THE BEAT DAY EVER! We lived happily ever after.

Broken Bridge

One normal day I was walking to the shop and saw something to win a vehicle so I bought the breakfast bar. One week later, it came out on a website but I came second so I thought to go on a walk to make me happy. I even got some fruits from the shop.  Suddenly, I saw the new speedy red car on a bridge.  The bridge started to break and the man climbed up on to his roof. There was a helicopter playing music coming to the rescue.  It saved everyone. Then I went to the shop to buy something for the helicopter driver – I bought a furry seat.