the store of secrets

Once  I was walking  around when I saw a small  bunny . “Where’s the shop?” it panted. “What shop”. I asked.  “Oh, doesn’t matter,” it said.  It started to run away so I followed it and it went inside a shop. I went inside and saw a portal.    When I came out,  I was in water  then I saw a huge boat . I swam towards it and saw the rabbit but it was bigger now , bluer and slightly squishy.  He said that his name was captain Snuggle Bunny and he was trying to stop him so I said that I would help.

That One Dog

I was eating my salad when I heard scratching  at the  door and I thought, ” what in the world is that?”  You see I was alone that night and was not expecting visitors .  While I was getting up, I was wobbling just like jelly.   My hand was shaking like crazy, but I grabbed onto the handle and the door creaked open.  There a dog stood on its back feet and said, ”Excuse me but do you happen to know which way to the shops?” it panted.  “Why are you panting?” I replied.”

The zenomorph

I was strolling home with my brother after a long boring day at school. I was just imagining going home playing games and nothing else [like I always do].

Before I got home, I saw that there was a shop.  My brother and I were hungry so we went in and bought some beef jerky for us and my dog.

All of a sudden something grabbed me.  “Which way to the shops?” it panted.  “Over there to your left”, I replied.  Instead of going, it took the beef and ate it like it had never eaten in years.   It ran off  and was never seen again…