The haunted house

Me and my friend’s were walking home from school and we were so happy because it was Saturday and we were going to the woods. The next day, we went and it took 1 hour and 1 minute.  We had lots of fun.  When we got there, it was dark.   A few minutes later, we heard some sounds and we thought it was the wind but it got louder and louder. We all saw a green light coming from a room and we started to run towards it. They stopped and they all had a drink.  I forgot mine so next time,  I will remember.

Don’t go alone Part one

I was walking through town when I saw a building. It was boarded up and broken.  People say it was home to a mad man, but I didn’t believe it. I wish I did after what happened….

I got my phone and went to the building.  When I got closer, it smelled bad like the smell of rotting meat the old owners left by accident.

Then I heard footsteps and my heart stopped as no one lived there. Suddenly the police came and took me to custody like I was some criminal.  Later you will find out why.


The silly tales of Lord Voldemort part one

There once was a boy named Harry (whose parents were murdered by Lord Voldemort :D) who was also known as “the boy who lived” and this is the story of him and Lord Voldemort.

It was an normal day with the Dursleys and as usual, Harry was making breakfast for himself and the rest of his family. Until when thousands of letters were flying into the house witch made Vernon say:

What the hell do you think you’re doing boy?

Harry: I’m not doing anything

Vernon: Well give me those letters then

Harry: fine

Harry gave Vernon the letters

Vernon opened one  letter

Vernon: OMG your going to Hogwarts

Harry : faints

1 hour later

Vernon: Harry get up

Harry: next time I will try not to faint.

The creepy Box

A boy was playing on his bike in the woods when he saw a dark scary house. Just then the boy had a great idea. He asked his friend to come to the muddy woods but this house was very old and maybe they would be killed. At night the two boys went to the muddy, dangerous and deep woods. The boys went in and there were a lot of mice and horrible human bones. The two scared boys saw a box. The weird boy said, “I want to see what’s inside.”  But the unlucky boy put his shaking  hand in the box. Then an odd witch grabbed his hand and ate him, like a lion. The lucky boy ran as fast as he could to his home.

Mystery box

One day I was going to the shop and I saw the sign and it said ‘if you win you get a mystery surprise’. At midnight on the news it said there was a robbery and I just had to see what was inside so I had to search and search it took ages and ages. I was about to get mad, when I saw…. I saw the box left lying on the floor and it was the same person I saw yesterday outside the shop waiting for it to close.  I should have known his plan was to rob the shop at night.