The big dragon part two

(Before reading this please read part one of this story before this one oh and this is a collaboration with timmy’s crazy car adventure2)


“Huh why’s the ground shaking?” said Emily slowly but quietly.

‘’EARTHQUAKE!’’ shouted Angela. Suddenly the ground Collapsed and they fell through the floor or should  I say dried out snow!?  Angela landed face first on the ground saying, ’’Owww that hurt.’’  And then sat up to see a boy on his feet shaking the snow off his shirt. Ignoring the boy, she saw a sign that said (warning abandoned underground mine DO NOT GO IN).  Then suddenly a dragon came flying down.  Then 3 hearts popped up around Emily. Then without thinking, the boy jumped onto the dragon. Then Angela shouted’, ’WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING UP THERE?!’

“SHUT UP, I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted.


Crazy August

Hello I’m Elise and I’m gonna tell you about my crazy August. If you didn’t know my birthday is in August. On the 1st of August we went to a party. Then on 4th of August  we went on a walk with my dog called Patch. A few days later, on 7th of August we went on a steep cliff. We climbed, “I’m trying to hold on!” I shouted.  15th of August was my birthday. At the end of the month on 27th of August, I went and slept with a person called Lily, my mum and her mum we’re really good friends.  3 days later I went to a friends house.  So yeah that was my crazy August…


One day I was on a call to my BFF Bella and we was talking about what game we should play on Roblox….

Bella said, “Ohhh…… I found a game!”

So then I joined her and when I joined her it was actually a good game it was called ‘Adopt me’ and I loved that game….. We played the game for 2 hours until we got bored.  I said, “Do you want to end the call? We can go out on walk if you want?”

Bella said, “Yes.” but she was quite sad because we had to end the call.

sandwich invasion part 1

ONCE THERE WAS A INVASION OF LIVING SANDWICHES !!!  Everyone tried to  defeat them but they were too powerful. “Huh ,I don’t think this is the  castle,” said the dragon. Then all of a sudden a ball of tuna and cheese came flying at them. “WHAT WAS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed the dragon. Then they saw a tuna and cheese sandwich dragon. “HEY that’s my sandwich!” I shouted

” GET TO THE TRAIN! ” they shouted. When they had got on the train another cheese ball hit the train

“HOLD ON” said the dragon. TO BE CONTINUED!!! :3

I’m trying

IIt was just a normal day at school when my mum and dad thought that we should go on a trip to the forest.  When we got there, we found a mystery cave and we went in.  There was a beast so we went to go see but the beast woke up and then it swung its tail and then suddenly  I was flying .  I landed on a bridge.  My dad was  shouting to me but then the dragon came and saved me.  Meanwhile I was saying, “I’m trying to hold on.” Somehow the dragon saved me and we flew home.