A nightmare of bones

For my birthday my mum took me to the museum and I saw a strange pile of bones. I walked past them but they started to rattle. I was terrified but I wanted to find out more about it. As I walked closer to the bones they formed into a Scorpios Rex!  I was shocked and didn’t know what to do so I grabbed the largest item in the room.  As I hit the bones, I realised what I had thrown.  IT WAS A JAR OF SCORPIUS REX SCALES! Then I realised something even worse . The skeleton stood on the scales and turned into a real living dinosaur!


The Field Trip

My school was on a trip to the museum.  We split up and went to explore.  I ran to find the new bit of the museum. I found a new bit.”This is boring,” I said. The body parts started to form into A DINOSAUR!  I ran out of the museum and everyone in there died. ”NO!”I howled. Was this the end?  I looked around and found a way to make it deform.  I ran up to the dinosaur and got a knife and then stabbed it but I needed a sword.  I ran to a huge Roman sword and got it!   I ran to the dinosaur again and I stabbed it.  This time I  killed it.


My Life

I woke up this morning and got ready for the day.  I ran to the calendar.  It’s Monday.  I got on my school uniform on and ran to school.  When I got to classs, I sat in my seat.  The walls are white and we have a play washing machine.  It was sticky.  Mr Puffett said, ”Who has a minuscule toy?” The class replied, ”We don’t.” So we learned for the rest of the day.  When I got home, I played games on my laptop.  When my mum called, ”IT’S PIZZA NIGHT!”, we all knew it was the start of the weekend.  We had a movie and a party with my friends.

Christmas Day

When it  became Christmas, Lexi opened  all  of her presents.  She got her calendar  to cross off today. Lexi went out for dinner and she spilled  a lot of food on her white shirt, so she put the shirt  in the washing machine  because it  had a minuscule  sticky mark on it.  The  next morning,  Lexi and her mum went shopping for clothes.  When she came home, she put away her new clothes.  The next day,  Lexi did the same thing again, spilt food on herself.  Her mum got very angry,  so she  got some shoes to throw away…

The Boy in Slytherin

For Christmas my mum got me a brand new book. So what will I write on this page though? There once was a boy that got put in Slytherin named Ben Eilish.  Ben was very popular and did lots of magical pranks.  I remember he even used a shock charm on teacher behind their back once! When Ben looked at his sticky minuscule calender and saw it was washing day, Ben grabbed his dirty clothes and his wand. He pointed his wand at the dirty clothes and shouted. CLEANUS! Poof! The clothes were instantly white. But how? It was now night and all children had gone to their dorms including Ben Eilish.