Tim the drawer

Tim was reading his book and he went to find a page.  “So what will I rite on this page?” he said.  Tim rote that. Then he thought, what will I rite on the other page?  Maybe I should go on a run.  He ran through the woods, through the trees past cars everywhere.  When he came back home, he got on a new page and said,  “What will I rite on this other page? I’m gonna draw now.” So tim drew a monkey and a frog and a crocodile.

Bullies never learn

What do I write on this page?  Once there was a nice friend and a mean friend. The nice friend was named George and the mean friend was named Jack so they went to challenge because the were opposites. George was going to let the bully win,  but Jack was not good at anything.  He lost in a race, he lost in maths and he even lost in what he was good at – games.  That was imbarising
So George won and Jack was extremely angry so he said if I beat you in a fight, then you will never be mean again…