My Life

I woke up this morning and got ready for the day.  I ran to the calendar.  It’s Monday.  I got on my school uniform on and ran to school.  When I got to classs, I sat in my seat.  The walls are white and we have a play washing machine.  It was sticky.  Mr Puffett said, ”Who has a minuscule toy?” The class replied, ”We don’t.” So we learned for the rest of the day.  When I got home, I played games on my laptop.  When my mum called, ”IT’S PIZZA NIGHT!”, we all knew it was the start of the weekend.  We had a movie and a party with my friends.

Christmas Day

When it  became Christmas, Lexi opened  all  of her presents.  She got her calendar  to cross off today. Lexi went out for dinner and she spilled  a lot of food on her white shirt, so she put the shirt  in the washing machine  because it  had a minuscule  sticky mark on it.  The  next morning,  Lexi and her mum went shopping for clothes.  When she came home, she put away her new clothes.  The next day,  Lexi did the same thing again, spilt food on herself.  Her mum got very angry,  so she  got some shoes to throw away…

The Boy in Slytherin

For Christmas my mum got me a brand new book. So what will I write on this page though? There once was a boy that got put in Slytherin named Ben Eilish.  Ben was very popular and did lots of magical pranks.  I remember he even used a shock charm on teacher behind their back once! When Ben looked at his sticky minuscule calender and saw it was washing day, Ben grabbed his dirty clothes and his wand. He pointed his wand at the dirty clothes and shouted. CLEANUS! Poof! The clothes were instantly white. But how? It was now night and all children had gone to their dorms including Ben Eilish.

The Broken City

One day a chemical tank filled with acid had a spill and flooded the city and destroyed the bridge. Planes and helicopters came to help survivors, so they could live somewhere else.  Now no one will use acid unless it’s an experiment.  People have underwater homes so if an experiment happens and fails, everyone will be safe. Life went on.  The same people hate washing but people got rid of calendars.  Jelly is sticky but it comes in a miniscule. Pillows are white rockets and are faster, while cake and pizza are super delicious.