The bed is so dry

Tom went swimming in the lake with his friend Tim.  They found a big rock so they jumped in the water, but unfortunately, he didn’t look at the water first. There was no water and he was realy hurt. Tim tried to warn him but he was a bit deaf so he couldn’t hear him. Tim had never seen the river bed so dry.  Then Tom said hes ok  and he will look next time.  So the next day, they went again and he looked and there  was water this time!  Tim said maybe the river flooded in from the sunset.



The water catastrophe

Today at school we were doing science. We were looking at a strange bone thing and we had to research it.  I found out that they were bones of a werewolf.  After that it was break and I was playing with my friend Faith – we played Tennis.  When we finished break, we had lunch but when I tried to turn the tap for a drink nothing came out! I told the Teacher and she tried turning the tap, but still water didn’t come out.  We looked online to see if it happened anywhere else in the world and yes the whole world didn’t have WATER!  The whole school went to a river but when we got there it was so dry! I have never seen the river bed so dry…

Rainy Day

Hallie  went outside but it was a rainy day. It was  a bummer, but she loved rain anyway.  She was playing with her playful friends and they went on a walk.  She  loved to  play basketball, so she went to the colourful park with her fun friends.  Hallie’s mum said, come home and so she did.  Hallie said, “How is it so rainy today when yesterday it was dry?  I  have never seen the river bed so dry”

Her mum said, “Eat some food.”  So then Hallie’s friends went home to eat and then Hallie chilled out.

River Magic

Today Ruby was going to see the river again. Ruby was 10 years old. When she got there, she said, ”I have seen the the river bed so dry.”  She had an idea. She got her dad,Harry and Scarlet. They all wanted to help Ruby. They made a well in the park. ‘How will we do this,”said Scarlet. ”Pray to the rain god!” screamed Harry, dad and Ruby at the same time. So they prayed to the rain god. Suddenly, it began to rain.  The river was flowing and the well was full. Ruby was so happy that she howled, ”Yes we did it.”  They were happy.