The crazy dream

When I fell asleep I was amazed.  I saw a pink trail leading to some film star sunglasses.  I also saw  mouse size men washing and polishing the lenses of the golden, pink glasses.  One of the tiny men saw me and put me in a sack! I heard the noise of a car. Where was he going?  An hour past, I was in the old, huge sack. THUMP!  When I was let out, I was in a rusty, metal chair. ”Let me out,” I mumbled.  I was tied to the chair from head to toe in chain.  I also had a sack on my face, yet I couldn’t move.

Burglar Bob

Four minutes until the glasses exploded but then someone put them on. The person was Bob. The glasses never belonged to Bob the Burglar. Then the time was ten seconds until the glasses exploded. Then he took his last warm shower wearing the glasses, his last meal, his last day and then his last 40 drinks and then the nuclear power plant from The Simpsons exploded. Then he had his last sleep and his last coffee. Then Bob the Burglar dropped the glasses onto the other side of the explosive-proof glass because he was dancing in the shower. The End.

The unusual glasses


Today was my birthday and I got some pink, ordinary and furry glasses with rose coloured lenses…Or were they?  The next day I put my glasses on for a party but something unusual happened. I could hear people’s thoughts! When I looked at my mum she said, “You look great honey.” Obviously I put my glasses on to check and this is what my mum thought, “She looks ridiculous.”  After that, I put my glasses down and went for a shower. When I got  out the shower, I saw a little man on a ladder with a minuscule hammer swinging at my glasses. HEY! He looked at me and fell off his ladder. I’m never gonna take them off again!


THE                                                                                                                                                       END

A normal day

One day there was a pair of glasses covered in pink fur and  there was a little man on a ladder cleaning the lenses.   Someone said if you put them on they can hypnotise you and sometimes if you take them off, you can’t remember anything.  So once I put them on, sometimes I leave it on my dog and it doesn’t remember anything, but today I want to be brave and put on the glasses.  WhenI  put them on, they were very clean, but when I took them off I couldn’t remember anything. I felt really dizzy…

the gigantic furry glasses

One day I was walking down the beach when I came across a box. I went home with the box and opened it.  It was a massive pear of glasses – they were as big as me! I could see through and it was a whole different universe.  There was a man telling me to walk through cos he said a nuke will go off in the future and he could see into the future. I stepped in and I was in a different universe.  I was in space in a space station. it was massive! I put the space suit on and jumped out.