The Inventor of the Tazmanian Devil

One day, there was a scientist and he was trying to create this new thing that fired toy dogs. But the bad thing about it was that it would always get super hot and then you wouldn’t be able to give them to your children because they would burn their hands off. Also, the toy kept coming out green. It was getting me a bit overwhelmed. So I reprogrammed the gun and then something amazing happened. It shot out this species so I decided to call them the Tasmanian Devil. So I made this show called Looney Tunes it is amazing.

The green scientist

The scientist made a colour machine that can change your colour of skin. This scientist  turned green but the colorr was permanent.  The skin was hot and he was burning.  He was  trying everything to get rid of it.  He saw a green species that if it bites you, you have that colour permanently. He kept being overwhelmed by the green species.  He was so angry he wished he didn’t even make the machine in the first place so he tried to make a reverse one that goes to rewind in time.  He tried to not go in it, but test it with a teddy bear.

Scientist day

Today I decided to go to a science factory. I found a scientist that was overwhelmed because he found  lots of species. He was very hot, because it was summer .  The species were green and then flew away from the scientist.  He  tried to catch them again but he couldn’t. The scientist was getting very tired and he could barely stay awake. Someone came up to the scientist and gave him a special  potion that  made you very energetic.

The mad scientist

Hi,I’m Lucy.  My dad is a scientist yet my mum is a magician. One day I got to see my dad doing all of his work. He was really a dare devil. I saw him making  species ever so green. I was getting hot peppers but I took the wrong path! I was in  the forest. I was overwhelmed by the howls.  I ran at the speed of light. I ran to the house and shut the door. My dad was busy in the lab making the learn-at-home bot. When he was done, I’ll test it so it is smart and super.