The Evacuate House

One day I was walking to work when I saw a scientist.  My boss didn’t see him because he was asleep. He was pouring petrol all over the floor.  He lit the petrol and the building went up in flames. I was on the top top floor and I ran in and pressed the button.  The emergency alarm went off and the whole industry stopped.  The red alarm was louder then you screaming at the top of your voice.  Everybody was afraid and they were running as fast as they could.  It was urgent! They had to evacuate the building…

The meteor strike

There once was a town called Flower town. I’m called Lily. When I went to school, my classmate Rose was shouting, ”THERE IS A METEOR”. Then my teacher looked up to see the meteor and screamed at the red, yellow and brown meteor.  ”EVERYONE,EVACUATE THE SCHOOL!” Everyone knew this was urgent and they were all afraid but did what the teacher said. “We need to warn the school industry. Lily,you go and tell all the classes.” I had no choice but to do it, so I did.  Soon classes came running out of school and all the teachers and pupils thanked me.

Fire day

Today there was a fire, so we had to evacuate  from the house.  I was afraid that my  red teddy bear was going to be destroyed.  At least we had a restaurant industry so we went there and there was a bedroom, so I lived in it.   All my workers said there’s  an urgent issue  so I rushed to see what was wrong .There’s  was  robbery so I had to call the police  – they came as fast as they could. Then the robber went straight to prison and my business came back together and I had a good life.

Disaster City

Once there was a city that made disasters in their place. They all actually liked to set houses on fire for the people to evacuate and then talk to them. They also liked to steal everything but some how the rules there was no industry so they did not have cows neither pigs or any other animals. They urgently needed food and drinks. They loved the colour red. So they nearly always set fires everywhere. So we all were afraid and the city was broken down and never remade again.

Boring Industries

Once there was a small building called Boring Industries. In there was probably the angriest and meanest man in the whole world! Anyway, the building was so polluted there wasn’t a single red rose in sight. At 1:00 PM sharp, the boss had an urgent distress call. “The fire department?” he said as he answered the phone. “YOUR BOILER!”

“What about it?”




*beep*. “Like I’d listen to that baloney.”.