The World

…but  does make a different to me?… I think it’s effecting everyone but if we carry on cutting down trees,  it is going to get worse.   What’s even worse is that every day  people buy drinks and throw away the plastic bottle. This is killing the environment. If you leave the lights on  and leave the room, then you’re wasting the electric  so I think you should start looking after the environment.

Family problems

But does it make any difference to me?” I asked looking  confused. ”…hum…I don’t know,” replied mum.

”Will it happen in the future, dad? I said annoyed that mum didn’t say to me why.

”You should hear the news, it is bad”, dad whispered in my ear. That moment I ran into the living room as quick as a flash of light and watched the news. The news reporter said, ”We are messing up our home planet and the  blue ocean is loaded with things that should be in the recycling bin so stop throwing out plastic.” So I stopped throwing things out…

The Boy Who Hated The World

One day a 10 year old boy hated the world.  Thankfully I love the planet so I look after it like a sick person.  Every day I saw him throwing plastic bottles and crisp wrappers everywhere!  So on Saturday evening, I said to him, “Stop throwing rubbish away.  If you keep doing that, the world might change forever!”

“But does it make any difference to me?  NO!”  the boy said, shouting as loud as thunder. The greedy boy, with chocolate all over his shirt, gave me a moody face and stormed off. The next day, I made a poster about saving the world.  I printed 50 of them and put them all over the city.  Suddenly, I saw everyone putting rubbish in the bin.  It was a miracle!