Hi I’m Evie.  I’m 9 years old and a  Lancaster Road pupil. I just want to say to all parents you should change the  whole world. Don’t let the flood stop us we should  destroy it ourselves. So we need to build  a higher wall for rivers and we need to plant more trees we need to start recycling more trash. Also, people should stop throwing trash in the streets and the rivers. That is how we are getting lots and lots of floods.

Make a change

HI, our ages are 8 and 9 and we’re in year 4 and we want to make a change to earth. Adults, if your reading this please help us make a change. There are going to be more tides, floods, angry wind roaring and more rain so we are trying to make a change already so please start to look after earth, the ocean and plant more  trees. If we don’t make a change now, we will have no earth left for us and animals will die. So please take notes and do these things so we can all live a great long life.