Sienna and the hospital trip

Once there was a boy called Lee and he had a BFF called Sienna. They met each other at the park and then Sienna jumped and fell on a metal  slide. Rapidly, Lee ran to his coat to get his phone and call his mum. Then mum rushed over to take Sienna to the hospital and she took Lee. The doctor said that she had broken her neck because  she banged her head on metal. She  just needed  a little cast and had to wait. Unfortunately, she got hungry because it was dinner time. So she walked on the concrete, which was her favourite colour pink, towards the shop . Meanwhile, while Lee was revolving, his leg got scraped.

Today was the most dangerous day of my life

Today I was hoping I would have a calm day, but no I was wrong. I was  having dinner and I called my best friend  to come over. He said yes. When he came over, he asked to go and  look over the bridge and we did. A couple of seconds later he dared me to jump off this pink  bridge. I was still eating my food and I was still hungry. He nearly  pushed me and my food fell on the concrete. I had had enough! We crossed the bridge to the ride. “No let’s go on that ride. I bet you will get dizzy,” he said.  “I bet you I will not!” He went on and he was spinning like crazy. I just watched.

Unlucky day

Once there was a boy called Thomas who he loved birds. He had a pet that was a bird and it was in his room. It was good but one of his birds was sick, it was so revolting. The next morning his bird died. He said, “oh Rob I will love you with all my heart I will never forget you. I love you forever, forever.” He went outside and he sang a really sad song. His bird was pink, he sang, he wanted to jump on his jump thing. All that would cheer him up was his friends. He wanted them and put them in his tree house. He played with them and he had bad luck today.

Weird Day

Today Mollie went outside to play at the park but the concrete was pink. ‘What a weird day’ said Mollie.  Then this hungry man came up to her and said, ‘Do you have any food?  I am really hungry.’ Then she jumped far away as fast as she could.  After that, this machine started revolving – it was really weird.  A bit later,  Mollie decided to go home .’Come and help me make tea now!’ said Mollie’s mum.

‘ Ok’ shouted Mollie.’What are we having for tea?’

‘Noodles’ whispered Mollie’s mum.

‘Alright’ said Mollie. ‘Mum today was a really weird day.  I will tell you later.’

The three amigos

There once was three amigos . One pink, one black and one blue. Their names were Hungry, Jump and Revolving. They met  on holiday  for a secret mission when they were on the  golden beach. There were concrete walls, floors and even doors! Jump was laid down then BAM! BAM! BAM! ”IRON MONSTER IN THE TOWN” a random man said.  “It can knock over: trees,buildings, nearly everything.” Jump  went to Hungry  and they both went to Revolving then trumped in the iron  man’s face then they pulled funny faces until he was just a mythical thing. Everyone clapped as their job was done.