Don’t blink!

The recording spoke. “Don’t run. Don’t look away!” They looked at each other confused. They’ve been trapped in a haunted manor and they found a random video tape. The man continued. “The angels! They are hungry. They are fast! Faster than you can imagine!”. They both looked at the angels. Still confused because they were just concrete statues in white robes and pink flower crowns. “Don’t close your eyes, don’t look away and DON’T BLINK! good luck.”. Jenny and Jerry tried staring at the statues without blinking. Jerry failed: Jenny started shouting at him for blinking. They both realised no one was looking at the angels. One made them jump in fright. Its eyes started to glow and their heads began revolving until finally, their heads fell off…

Can he fix it?

Bob was working across the street one day. He was fixing the road with concrete. When the concrete was mixing it made a loud noise. Phyllis came outside shouting for ages. Then she decided just to go up to Bob the Builder, who had to take off his pink headphones. Phyllis took them off his head and threw them into the concrete. Bob shouted at her saying he had to go up there and retrieve them and that is a very dangerous job. Phyllis said, “just go through those revolving doors and you will see them.” Bob said, “No, I don’t want them stuck in the ground, playing music. Anyone who was walking down the street would start to dance in the middle of the street and probably get hit by a car.” He put on a scuba-diver outfit and jumped into the concrete. Meanwhile Phyllis got pretty hungry and went to get some food

Jack and the sucky sweets

Jack is a Muslin. He is fasting. “Jack! Come down for dinner,” his Grandma said. She  forgot he was fasting because she is 84. The next day, he went to the market. Jack smelt all the scrumptious, yummy food. Pink candy floss was his favourite but he couldn’t have any.

The day after that, he saw his friends eating revolving sucky sweets. They were sweets that if you licked they would make an illusion and turn. Jack was too hungry. He jumped into the air and landed like a piece of concrete right next to the sweets. He took one of them and ate it in one gulp!

There Is One Thing That Know One Will Know

Once there was a boy called  Bobby and he loved model figures. All he wanted was figures and one day his mum and dad went out with him and he found some toys one the floor.  “MUM DAD BUILDERS.” 

“Wow!” said mum and dad together.   They started  to go home  and Bobby said, “Can I play with them in my room?” 

“Of course  you can,” his parents replied.  He played with  them for a month  until they came alive. He dropped them and picked them  back up and threw them out of the window.  He needed to find new toys to play with  and his mum and dad finally  got him something – two ladybugs. He was so happy when he got them and played with them all the time.  He  stepped on them by accident  and he saw the legs  move so he stepped on them again. 

Honey I Shrunk the Three Men

The three men had been shrunk by a shrink-ray previously in my last story. There was a mum, dad and three children. The dad made a shrink-ray and the three children got shrunk.They managed to get outside and had some crazy adventures. I didn’t say this in my last story but the mum died. Back to my current story. So, the three men found the three children and one of the men said, “How are you small like us?” One of the children said, “I got shrunk by my dad’s shrink-ray.” One of the men said, “What address?” and one of the kids said, “82 Honeysuckle Lane.” Just to let you know that address isn’t real. Anyway, they found a spider and one of the kids said, “Agh Johnny, what are you doing here?” One of the men wasn’t fast enough and got eaten. The other two found a snail shell and hid inside and the children got lost in some Lego.