The creepy man

Elliott and Evie went outside to play.  They saw a someone taking photos of a iron shaped lid – it was very weird but they ignored it and went to meet up with their friends and play spin the bottle.  As they were playing, an old man approached the little group. When the he approached, he said ‘What are you children doing outside by yourself?’

‘We’re just playing ‘ said the group.

‘Well you keep safe little kiddos and watch out for the iron shaped lid, ‘said the old man.

Elliott and Evie went home to eat and once they finished, they went to out play games.

Odd Day and the huge iron

Today was an odd day! All around the world people would have huge competitions to see who had the oddest looking things and whoever won would win £100. I have been saving up for a huge iron. I entered a children’s ‘odd day’ competition. I talked to my friends at school  and they all entered too. We took a picture of all our odd things. I thought I would do my picture in front of where my Mum works. She works at the bank. A few days later, I found out who won.

You’re probably thinking I won like in any other story. But I came second because I won last year’s odd day…