The Day I Got Stuck In A Forest

Once I was in a forest and I got stuck in there. After I was looking around in the forest, I saw a duck. As I was heading towards the duck, it started to get hot and the heat was unbearable, so I left it alone. I  was talking to myself while finding a place where I could sleep, relax and have a happy place somewhere. While I was looking I found some ingredients  to make bread and I went back to the duck so I could lead him out of the sun.

Today was the hottest day of my life

Today was so hot and boring so I called my friends, Nadia and Skye over and they had ice cream. I asked where they got it from and if they could get me some, but they just looked at each other and laughed. I was staring at them like crazy, the heat was unbearable so I just got it myself. They said they were going to a fair and asked me to come but like hell was I going! I thought I was going to get so hot I might even pass out. I said a straight up no and they sighed and thn said they were going home.

The Abominable Lizard

When the wind was wild and blew endlessly, a scaly-skinned creature ran across the cracky road. It was that hot, you would feel as if you were in an oven. The heat was unbearable, so the  abominable lizard shot into the shade. He had to survive the temperature. Its grippy hands grabbed hold of a wriggling  butter worm and began to eat it. He was starting to feel thirsty. The lizard ran to the nearest lake still staying in the shade. Once he got there, the lizard leaped the biggest leap he had ever done and made a big splash and drank nearly the whole lake!

My Florida diary

Dear diary,

The 9 hour plane ride, I went outside to feel the sun. The heat was unbearable, so  I got my teal tennis hat but it was still hot. I went to the pool at the hotel and got in a swimming suit and got on some goggles. Then I pencil jumped into the deep end. 2 hours later, we had a little chill out in the hotel and watched ”The Little Mermaid,” After  that I went to bed and watched another film called ”Despicable Me” . As I said last night, I will write.

I hope to see you soon…


As Yasmine and Alex escaped the witch, they ran into the woods expecting to be free. Yasmine stopped. She saw pridal weed on the bark of the tree which only grows in Natasha (the witch)’s nightmare garden. Alex pulled the pridal weed off the tree only to see the wallpaper that was in the apartment. They ran and ran only to see the gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel. Yasmine started mumbling, “so hungry.” She took a big sniff and ran to the house only to be captured by another witch. Alex ran to the house to find Yasmine locked up and the witch heating up the oven. Alex pushed her in. The heat was unbearable, so was the witch’s candy corpse melting. Alex ran to the cage and saved Yasmine.