The Little Mix Surprise

The other week Nadia and Skye went to this Little Mix concert and they loved it. A week later, their sister Sienna had a little surprise.  When Sienna left the house, THE GIRLS GASPED nervously because the Little Mix girls came and they got to spend the week together .THE GIRLS SCREAMED really loud.  SKYE PAST OUT just because she got surprised. Next the Little Mix girls ate some cabbage and found a grey round cannon but they didn’t know it was cannon as it was so small.  Then blast it went off – ‘BANG’.  Sienna woke up SURPRISED!

Today I found a haunted mansion

Today I saw a  house where all the windows were shattered.  My body was saying go in and investigate so I called my friends over.  They were called  Faith, Mollie and Xue Han.   We went in  and I found a grey hair on the dusty floor and a cabbage covered with blood.  I started to walk in a circle around the hair.  My friends nervously walked a step back.  Then suddenly, there was  a loud BANG from the room upstairs! I ran as fast as I could up there.  It was just a creepy vase with a possessed doll  with sprinkles of blood on it.  I ran out of the house and went home but didn’t say a thing to anybody…

the mystery cabbage

One great day I was walking down the street going down to ASDA and came upon a cabbage for sale for an immense amount of money.  I almost past out right there, but luckily I didn’t and I went in and bought it.  Well I had the money on me so I went and  had some cabbage soup.  Normally, I hated it but it actually tasted nice.  I felt like I was spinning round and round and my head felt like the urge that a grey bomb was about to go bang in my head. Nervously,  I dropped down to the new mattress like a dead fly…

Evil Pea

Super cabbage was on the move. He was flying in the grey sky like a rocket. Super cabbage wasn’t really a hero because he was scared of lots of things. He was scared of: cats, dogs (any animal), odd socks, phones ringing, tall buildings, birds, words and noise. He spotted Evil pea.

Super Cabbage slowly and nervously approached him. CRACK! He stepped on a twig! Evil pea turned round and saw Super cabbage! Evil pea turned his hand into a fist and BANG! He squashed Super cabbage. But thankfully he was still alive. Super cabbage made a sculpture of himself  and Evil pea hit that instead!

My diary


Dear diary,

My name is Blossom and I am from Germany and I am twelve.  So I will tell you what kind of person I am:  I am very  shy and my favourite food is cabbage also, I hate bangs.  But the person who I hate is my dad, because he buys me grey clothes and a grey car.  I don’t know how to even drive – he is crazy.  2 hours later, I was sitting in my room reading but when I finished my book, I went downstairs for a little snack and then I saw my dad spinning around on the stairs.  He was saying go away.  When I went nervously closer to my dad,  he banished me away.