The killer man

Today I went to jail to visit my dad.  As I was passing cells,  I saw a man in bed. I was confused because it was 2:25 in the afternoon. I was staring in his cell when I saw a body under the bed. I was freaking out so I went to get the police man but I could not find him.  When I returned, he was not there.  I rubbed my eyes and when I opened them, he was there staring at me. He deeply said, “What is your name?” I said, “Evie.” He replied saying how nice my name was Evilin.   I was so terrified because Evilin looked evil.I   started running and tripped over, but I got back up and walked home scared to death.

The day I went in jail

On a normal day I went past a very cold wooden village. I was very confused because I saw a house shaking and shaking. I thought the village might collapse. My friend said it was just the wind. As I turned around to go back home, I felt a cold breeze following me. Then I turned around to see the village not shaking anymore. I decided to just run and never go back to that creepy village but as I turned around I felt like something or someone touched me.

You think this is like any other story where there was some weird monster thing but no… It was my friend who said it was just the wind…

National Prison Check Day

Today was national prison check day every year.  My name is Annie Prince and I like national prison check day as it’s  1 day after my birthday.  Today  I went and there was a prisoner.  The guard said he was in jail for murder which was scary. I accidently woke him up and he tried to threaten me.  It was scary.  My friend  was with me and she was terrified.   The time was finished so we headed out and got some ice cream and hot chocolate.  After that, we went to a park.  Evie, my friend, doesn’t like hot chocolate so she had a coke .

My life working for the police

At the first sight of dawn, I went over to Tony’s cell and saw him sleeping.  I banged on the rusty, old gates with my solid bat.  ”I’m awake, ”Tony growled, half asleep. I pretended to walk off. My boss said that he was up to no good. I spied on him waiting for him to show ”the thing”. Then I saw him move the table to see A DEEP BLACK HOLE. I jumped up and grabbed a gun then pulled the alarm . So he went to the room where he couldn’t escape. But this isn’t the end of him

The Naughty Homeless Man

Once there was a homeless man who wanted to be very wealthy so one day he ran down a rocky endless pavement. Then he saw somebody with a beautiful diamond watch. He thought he could steal it so he sneaked into the bushes and waited to steal the posh man’s watch. Then when he tried to steal the glorious watch, several police men grabbed hold of him and took him to a rusty old prison. The homeless man was forced to go in the dirty cell which had not been cleaned for centuries. The homeless man learnt stealing gets you nowhere but prison…