The crime in prison

Hi I’m Oscar. WAIT! You may think this story’s gonna be nice just by me saying hi like a normal person. But you’re wrong. I’m actually an escapee that has escaped prison 256 times. I’m currently on the run from the F.B.I. who keep chasing me. Let’s talk about my first day in prison. I had a  tiny revolting cell where I have befriended a rat. He really liked tortilla chips so I called him : El’ chip. And at lunch. SOMEONE SHANKED A DUDE. I got really scared and ran back to my cell and cuddled El’ chip. Talk Soon.

Oscar Of The Green

“But it wasn’t me!” Shouted  the mistaken burglar. 

“You will have to stay in prison for ten years,” said the police officer.

 “I was chasing the thief!”

 “Oh so where is he now? Did he disappear  in a puff of smoke?”

 “Well, yes.”  The burglar is actually Oscar of the Green. He has green hands. He is the most famous gardener. One day, Oscar’s parents looked at the news and they saw their son. They immediately drove to the police station. “What’s the meaning of this!” growled Oscar’s mother. 

“He stole an antique hat”, said the police officer.

“But I was chasing the thief!

The Break Out

Once upon a time, there was a man who had been in prison for ten years.  It was really grubby and smelly in prison. He was given a deodorant by Captain America to stop him smelling.  What they didn’t know was that the aluminium in the deodorant stopped him smelling, but also turned him slowly into The Iron Man.  After five days, he was fully formed as The Iron Man.  He used his lasers to explode himself out.  When he was outside, he flew off to Stark Tower where Loki was waiting for him.  They started to fight over the Tesseract. Loki was beaten and sent to prison on Asgard where he spent the rest of his life…

Prison Escape

As the sun descended down into the horizon, Bob was busy carving the metal bars of his prison cell so he could escape.  But out of nowhere, came an explosive chicken.  Bob didn’t know this and thought it was just a regular chicken, so he picked it up and realised when he saw the wires, that he was in trouble…  The chicken started bleeping so he threw it at the cell bars and luckily for him, it exploded into a million pieces destroying the bars. Bob swiftly ran out of the cell all the way to the criminal den and then called for a medic as he had injured his knee in the explosion.  The prison guards realised that Bob had gone. The search party never found him and he was never seen again…

The Huge Swan

Once there was a HUGE, evil swan.  It was a rumour that had spread about it.  One day, a boy called Oscar went to a lakeside town called Swan Lake and there it was, the evil swan.  Oscar was partly scared and the other part of him wasn’t, but he freaked out when it crushed a car, house and a hotel.  Oscar ran and ran and ran and then got stuck in a corner of a wall of trees, but then the swan tripped on a branch and Oscar took the the chance to run.  He went home and played video games and watched TV.