Today was a good day

Today was  really hot  so I called my friend over.  She was 16 and her name was Mollie.  she arrived on a huge black scooter and said that she wanted to go to the park she also said we should get some Ice cream.  I love Ice cream  so I said yes.  When we got there, we saw a pond.  I started to look around and then I saw a swan.   We fed it and then went to the park.  Mollie pushed me on the swing then we got ice cream and went home .

The Huge Swan

Once their was a boy called Ron and he loved to do tricks with his brand new black scooter. One day he was going to a small park, but on his way there, he saw a huge swan. He carefully stopped and walked towards the mysterious creature. Ron then realised the swan was a toy so he went back on his scooter to go back to the park.  Suddenly, he heard some rattling in the bushes and stopped to see what it was.  He saw some feathers then looked inside and saw the swan. Ron ran back to his scooter.  He didn’t go to the park,  he scooted home instead and never came back.

The swan that ate my love

One day there was a huge scooter. I was on it, painting a huge cabbage black, because why not? Then a swan came up to me and said, “Can I have that cabbage?” Of course he didn’t know that the cabbage was my one true love that I sleep with at night. I wake up with black all over me but don’t know why. Obviously, I said no to the swan because cabbage is my love. The swan attacked me and took my cabbage.  I tried to fight back but he ate my love in front of me. Then I gave him Skittles.

The horror story

We decided to go on a camping trip and went to tell dad. ”All right girls have fun and be careful,” said dad.  We set up camp and once we were done, we told a scary story .
One night just as black as this one, there was a huge monster who could turn into a swan or scooter called the grok.  She went to a tent in a campsite and ate the people alive.
”That’s too creepy,” I said. Then there was a rustle in the bushes.  As Amy and I went to see what it was, we went into darkness …

The Calamity Swans

A calamity has happened all thanks to me. I promised an old ancient man, who looked a lot like a scooter, that I would find the scintillating  diamond. But I just forgot about it and watched TV.

Now the whole world is going crazy and huge, majestic, black swans are rampaging the world! Oh! I wish I could go back in time! I said to myself.  Suddenly, I felt myself wheezing around like a roller coaster. With a blink of an eye, I found myself in bed, I am in Yesterday!

Now I can get the diamond and make sure the world doesn’t go into the hands of the evil, black Swans!