The Eerie, Weird Tree

One day after school I saw this weird tree with a big face on it.  It made me nervous so I decided to try to ignore it. That was definitely a bad idea. After that I decided to get my friends to come see the tree. So Sienna and Skye came to see the tree. I went to the same tree and it wasn’t even there! I was so scared if they thought I was lying! The next day I went again and it was there again. I thought to myself and it was there again. I think that it was alive. I decided not to go that way to get home again…

The Haunted Tree

Once there was a child called Jim and he was walking in a beautiful forest when he came across a vast tree. Jim was scared but he walked around the tree and saw a horrible face. Jim felt dizzy and fell to the ground. He had a horrible dream of the tree coming to life and the tree was guarding the outside of the forest.  Then one night when the tree was buried in leaves, Jim escaped. Then as soon as Jim had escaped, he woke up in the hospital with his parents crying and the doctors trying to find out what happened.

the horror story 2

Every time I look out my bedroom window I see a particular tree and think
of the same thing – DEATH. One day, I grew curious about it so I thought I would go up to it. Slowly and carefully, I approached . My heart raced. When I hit it It swallowed me and I ended up in an hole with a door. The door opened up and I walked in and something hit me on the head and I blacked out. When I woke up, a gleaming light was in my eyes. I tried to move but I couldn’t.  So that’s how I was trapped…

Timphia And The Face Of Tree Part 1

Once, In the scariest wood of Manogo, a 17 year old girl called Timphia strolled past beyond the fire gates. The mystical and eerie fire gate is a gargantuan barrier and you have to answer its riddle to get through. No one except Timphia has gotten through. She knew what was coming next. It was the Face Of Tree. The Face Of Tree is a tree when you look at it. But when you look away, and turn back, it will be right next to you. Even if you blink, he will come right up to you and kill you.

The crime in prison pt 3

Hi it’s oggy again. So we left off as the alarm went off but we managed to get away!!!  Anyway, we ran into the forest and set up camp. When I asked Max to get some firewood, he screamed after stepping in the dark wood. I ran towards him and saw a tree strangling Max!  I grabbed my axe and started hitting the roots swing by swing but every time the roots kept coming back for some strange reason. Then I heard a loud screech of a mind flayer which I thought was a myth. Me and max ran but the mind flayer ate MAX!!!