The abandoned dog

Today we were going on a road trip, but at night I heard an animal, so I went out there to see what animal it was. I could not see anything so I went deeper in the bush and when I got in the bush, I saw a dog with orange spots. I did not want to open its cage because it could be wild and dangerous. I walked slowly towards it and decided to stroke it. He was actually really friendly. I took him home but the telephone started ringing, so I picked it up and found out that my mum passed away. I  cried but eventually I got over it.

My day got destroyed

Hi my name is Gracie  and my friend Evie is here because we are having a sleep over. ‘Can we have ice cream?’ said Evie.

‘Yes I knew you would say that,’said Gracie

But first they went outside their orange house and saw a little dog limping. They helped it out, after it cried they let it go.  Gracie was devastated, slowly after a while they watched a scary  movie and after that the telephone went off.  Evie went to go and check it out and it was my brother  Oscar asking for a towel so Gracie brought one up .

The mysterious orange dog

One day while I was walking my dog when I saw an orange dog that was walking really slowly and crying a bit. He looked like he had been beaten badly by his owner.  So  I went home and dialed 911 on the telephone. I told them that a  woman had beaten her dog.  They rushed to the house almost immediately. And kinda quick actually and she got arrested for animal abuse and got a lot of charges.  They gave the dog to me to keep and make him better.  Now  my dogs are friends and happy together. I cried with tears of joy that I got to keep the dog.

sad and fun day

One day the telephone rang but nobody was in the house but the dog was in the house.  So the clever dog got the telephone and answered it.  It was the hospital they said your owner has had an accident so the dog cried slowly. He met an orange dog, it  was a girl. They went to the beach and they both got in the water and played water fights and then the BIG dog said, “can we be friends?”

“ok” they both said. They were having fun. They got out of the water and they said bye. Then he got a new owner. 


The super orange dog

One sunny afternoon a girl called Sarah, who is 19, got a dog called Tammy. He is a golden retriever and is very smart. But a couple weeks ago Sarah’s telephone rang so she went to answer it and then when she picked up the phone, Tammy went ORANGE! She went outside to help another dog.  Sarah did not even know that there was a dog that needed help.  Sarah froze she said to herself what if the dog has super powers.  Tammy said, “I  do!”

“TAMMY YOU CAN TALK” said Sarah!  She cried with happy tears slowly and then she disappeared…