The Huge, Orange Dog

Once my mother and I were going to a dog centre to go and buy a dog. While we were there, I was looking around and I saw this orange dog. I slowly went past it and told my mother. I asked her if we could get it and she said yes! When we got home, I cried with joy. I went on the telephone to tell all of my friends about it! They said they were so happy for me. I was so grateful that they actually understood. But soon after that, I kept looking at it and it was moving like he was alive as a human…


Today I have got an invitation to a party.  A couple of minutes later I got a call so I went to my orange telephone and I slowly picked it up . Then I heard a dog noise from the telephone and it was loud.  A voice told me to come, so I  went there. Then he told me his name and he was called Max.  He was really the best in a football net .  When we were done,  I went in the hall with the birthday girl called Faith.  She was really nice as well so then we danced.

Clifford the big orange dog

Hi My name’s Lacey I have a big orange dog called Clifford. When I got him, I cried at the size of him. He was so small! My dad worked in a lab and bought a sample of growth and slowly dripped a little bit on Clifford and he was so BIG ! My dad grabbed the telephone and called my uncle. He came and had no idea about what to do. So now I have a big dog but it can be fun because I get to ride him and he can go to my window and I can slide down.

Dr Who


                                          Dr Who

Rose Tyler cried as the doctor died and changed into his new soul.”How do I look?” Asked the doctor.

“Fine”, said Rose, looking surprised he was still alive but had changed.”Why are you still alive but as a different …person?”
“I’m not human, you know. I’m a time lord. If I die and still have my last body, I regenerate.”

“Okay…” She said. 

“Now, where shall we go?”

“Can we go and see Neil Armstrong just before he landed on the moon?”

“Yep! Come in the old telephone box called the tardis.”

When they got there, they slowly walked out of the tardis and saw an orange spaceship. 

“Come on K9 the dog!”


It was a rainy night in Snaxburg. Gramble Gigglefunny was sleep walking all over town when an orange peelbug was still awake. It woke up a bunger (a bunger is a dog made out of an alive burger that walks on curly fries). “BUNGER,” It cried. They snook out the barn and… NOM. Turns out Wambus Troubleham was awoken by the bungers yelp. But everyone knows not to mix bugsnax  together so now. POP. WAMBUS IS A SNAKSQUATCH! There were no telephones on the island so he couldn’t call for help. Everyone had woken by now and Wambus ran…