The parents out of town by Jack

One day  James  went to the woods while his parents were away out of town.  A scary man was following him till he made his way home.  He found nothing and looked on the map and it said he was at the right place and he said, “What’s that noise [crash bang]?”  It was his house getting destroyed by the man that had followed him home. ‘I Can’t replace that!’James said and he tried to buy a smaller house with only £13,000.  He got an offer but it was a caravan then his parents returned and wondered where the house was at…

the girl who cried to her parents by Alyssa

Once up a  time a girl sat down and cried to her parents and said that she smashed had something.  Her parents said, “What have you smashed?”

She replied, “The vase that my grandma got me when I was 10 years old.”  Dad said, “I can’t replace that, but it’s ok I’ll get something off my mum.” “Are you sure?” said the girl.

“Yes, I promise it’s ok.” dad replied.

The child asked, “Are you mad at me?”

The parents replied,  “No not mad, just a bit sad.”

The mysterious factory by Malachi

Once upon a time there were multiple friends who went out and worked together. They all went for a night shift but they never knew how dangerous the job really was.

So they went into the factory which looked abandoned and they had multiple tapes that told them what to do but when they went in, the door locked behind them.

They were very suspicious about it, but then every time they entered a new room the door would lock behind them and then they were all animatronics and at the end of the shift they couldn’t be fixed…

Oscar and his best friend By Lauren

One day there was a boy called Oscar. He was six years old and loved dinosaurs. When Oscar was getting dropped off at school, he saw his best friend Charlie. Charlie was also six but loved cars. Those two always played together and always worked well together except one day Charlie was talking about how big Oscar’s ears were. “I CAN’T REPLACE THEM!!!” he said sadly! When it was finally time to go home Oscar ran to his parents crying. His parents were so worried about what could have happened.  When he got home, he told his parents all about what had happened. The next day his parents told the teacher and now Oscar was happy again with his new friends.

The action figure by Jake

Once upon a time a little kid in a little house who had a cool one of a kind action figure. No  one in the world had it. His uncle made it for him but now the uncle is too sick,  so he can’t make one again.  The kid went to school and brought his action figure. Then these two bullies came to him and broke it. “I can’t replace that!” he said. He burst into tears and ran out of the class. The teacher ran to him but she couldn’t catch up. And then he ran all the way home…