portal by Shane

One day 3 kids called Shane, Max and Ellis went on an adventure. In the woods, they found Something. A stone beacon which had a red button.  Straight away Max pressed it and it shot a portal into the sky. The portal shot out a lot of oversized objects including a huge iron and a huge pancake. The iron almost hit a building.  The boys now needed to stop it, so they made a huge vacuum to suck it up.  It worked but all the huge things are  still there… 


The zapper by James

Once upon a time there was an inventor who was also a scientist. He had a dog called Jimmy. The inventor took a month to make a really cool gadget. When he finished finishing it, he named it the big shrink.  He has made a lot of gadgets that mostly make food or throw out food because he was a giant eater.  One day Jimmy was sleeping in the lab and he found the big shrink.  While the scientist was ironing, Jimmy came and the scientist threw the iron out the window but Jimmy zapped it.  Now it is on the floor  forever…

My 11th Birthday by Melody

You see it wasn’t all my fault! I woke up on my 11th birthday, sang my upbeat birthday tune. Although I felt a weird chill, I decided to take a walk to the shops to buy a cake. Whilst on my way, this man turned into some monkey bars. I thought it was very odd but didn’t want it to ruin my birthday. Just as I was about to waltz into the shop, another person turned into an iron!  I picked up the iron and woke up again. Thankfully it was just a dream! Or so I thought…

No ice cream by Violet

Me and my Mum went to the doctors and outside there was a strange sculpture it was a giant iron or a table on its side. It was just so strange, super strange, too strange it was not a real iron or table for it was made of stone. Mum said to ignore, it so we did.

I hated the doctors full of sharp objects brrrrr.  Mum saw that I was worried so she said after we are going to the ice cream shop.  All of my worries went away, but the doctor said no sugar for a while.


The small town by Jake

In a small town long ago there was a family of giants  and they had an iron to iron their clothes.  Since they were giants, they didn’t have a house so they were homeless and kept going back to the iron. People didn’t  like it because whenever they used it made the whole town hot and the town is already really hot. So in anger they all tried to break the iron.  That didn’t work so they painted it.  The paint actually was chrome paint so when it hardened it turned into chrome!  Now the family was really sad as they couldn’t iron their clothes