The Nuke by James

There was a candy shop and it had loads of chocolate and sweets but next to the candy shop there was a Nuclear plant and the owner was Mr Burns. Soon Mr Burns sent out a nuke and it hit the Nuclear plant so the building shook and then he hid inside the back of the candy shop.  He saw m and m’s it said on the box ‘only melts in your mouth’ so he hid in there.  When he got out, he was fine but then he saw one of his workers in dark chocolate.  He had a funeral – RIP.

The giant who fell from the sky by Dominik

Early in the morning a boy called Gregory woke up because he heard his neighbours’ house shaking.  He woke up his mum and dad to inspect the shaking.  They all went outside, the building shook and then his neighbours house FELL DOWN ON THE ROAD.  Some people DIED, but some survived on the road.  Then a giant fell from the sky and stomped and made some people jump.  The giant said, “I dropped my vacuum somewhere and I need to find it before my giant wife comes back, so can you please help me find it!”

The shaky house by Lauren

Once there was a family, they were the Peterson’s.  One day they all went on a walk (a really long walk)  to the beach past all the bakeries. It was fun, they all said. As soon as they got home, they all ran to their bedrooms and started playing games. All of a sudden the ground was shaking. The building shook and then everyone ran out of their rooms and ran out the front door leaving everything behind. They heard their neighbours shout, “What is happening in that house?” Soon the shaking stopped and the family were safe in their house again.

The strange birthday by Jack

When it was my birthday, we went to my aunties for dinner because it was halloween and we did some scary games. My favourite is the game called ghosts. I had a lot of fun but the house shook. I thought it was my dad jumping to scare me, but it wasn’t. Because I found him after and asked him he said, “Let’s look for your auntie.”  and it shook again so we looked outside and the ground broke so it must have been an earthquake. I was scared! I ran down the stairs and told auntie that I hoped if I blew my candles out, it would stop…

The old building and the giants.

Once upon a time there were multiple giants and then after a while they wiped out all humans from the world or so they thought.

In fact there were only about ten refugees from each country in the world and now they had secret places underground where they’re living.

Then they were all fed up with always seeing the evil giants tearing down their buildings but unaware since everybody lived together some of them went missing.

Since the missing people were never found, they lived in a building but the building shook and then they were all never seen again…