My Brother’s Laptop by Melody

About a month ago, I was playing on my older brother’s laptop. I was playing my absolute favourite game. I lost the level straight away! Although I didn’t mind because it was only my first attempt. Over and over I kept failing. I was sick of this monstrous level! Why can’t levels be easier? I tried it once more and STILL failed! As quick as a flash, I smashed the laptop. Right then my parents walked in. “I didn’t mean to hit it that hard!” I shouted. I still need to pay my brother another £3000 for a new laptop…

The new smartest person in the world. by Malachi

Once upon a time there was a very intelligent person almost as smart as Albert Einstein but not for long because the invention he was about to make, was going to change all science and brain smarts in the world.

And this person was going to do just that he made a brains machine.  It was just a prototype so every prototype he got a volunteer and every time with the prototype it failed and people died but as he hit it in rage, he said, “I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.” So he made machines nobody saw.

Mum’s Fave pillow By Katie

Once upon a time there was a child named Alexander. He was practising to hit a pillow. He was trying not to hit the pillow with all his might. But he was on his 555th time and he accidentally hit the pillow with all his might.  He actually broke the pillow. Even worse, it was his mum’s favourite pillow . He was trying to clean it up but it was no use. His mum walked through the door right that second. Alexander’s Mum was really mad. She Shouted, ”WHAT HAVE YOU DONE THAT WAS MY FAVOURITE PILLOW.  YOU ARE GROUNDED.”

“But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.”…

The gamer by Dominik

Once upon a time, there was a kid called Oliver, he was a gamer but he was at school right now.  The first thing he does is a morning activity, then active read and maths but anyway when he comes back from school he games a lot.  He was playing minecraft but then he got a challenge from somebody so Oliver accepted it and he played with him.  Unfortunately,  he died so he got in so much rage.  So he just stood up and smashed the computer screen then his mum came in, he said,  “But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.” His mum grounded him.

The Giant fight by Halle

One day there was a girl called Mabel who went to Rosemary high school.  On Wednesday it was show and tell Mabel brought in her most treasured thing because the teacher said it had to mean something (she made that clear).  She made the wrong decision there were also bullies at her school. Her favourite thing was a music box with glass inside, not like broken pieces of glass like little crystals. They were beautiful.  At lunch she met the bullies when they found out how precious it was to Mable. Lilly, the head bully, took it and hit it REALLY Hard! Then the dinner lady came over what had happened here Mable sobbed, “she hit my favourite thing out of my hands.” The dinner lady said, “Lilly.” Lilly yelled, “I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.” In the end, Lilly was sent to detention and Mable got special treatment all week .